Wednesday, January 13, 2021

AIG Cancels Curt Schilling's Insurance Policy Because of His Political Views

 It is getting more bizarre and evil by the hour.

Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

And "live and let live"?

Conservative commentator and former baseball star Curt Schilling says that AIG canceled his insurance policy over his “social media profile.”



  1. But hey, Biden is such a great deal for libertardians. Hildebeast should have won in 2016, right?

  2. I would think someone like Curt Schilling should sue for breach of contract or something along those lines, no?

  3. America as envisioned is now dead. There are no longer avenues of redress that are not compromised any where in this former republic.

    The judicial system is as bad as any other component of the swamp and participants on the bench or on state prosecutorial positions are as corrupt as any other political sector. Curt is learning if you dont tow the line it matters not who you are you will be punished.

    We might as well be living in Cuba or any other socialist fascist hell!

  4. It's a bold gamble for a business to assume that it knows how many of its customers won't be offended by this.

    1. It's probably a much easier bet when you know that the government will bail you out.