Saturday, January 23, 2021

Adam Carolla: Intellectually, Leftists Never Leave High School

As I have said many times,  lefties are shallow thinkers.



(ht Dale Steinreich)


  1. Taking leftist positions is the easiest thing to do and the reason why is related to Hazlitt's main point in Economics in One Lesson. They only think of the immediate effect of something or its effect on the one group it's intended to benefit and don't care about the long term effect or its effect on all groups. Simply having good intentions is all that matters. The actual results? Meh, who cares? COVID is a perfect example. Having looked into this pretty deeply (mortality spikes only occurring post-lockdowns, germ theory vs terrain theory, the so-called SARS-CoV2 virus never having been isolated in the actual definition of the word isolation, the PCR process and how its own inventor Kary Mullis said it's not meant to diagnose an illness, viruses vs exosomes, etc.) I doubt the validity of virology and modern allopathic medicine. But let's put that aside and give them the benefit of the doubt about SARS-CoV2. The CDC's own data shows that this virus is only a serious threat to people nearing the end of their lives and/or have multiple serious illnesses already. But no, we gotta lockdown everyone. It's too dangerous. Putting people out of jobs? Destroying businesses? Psychologically torturing everyone? People with other illnesses going untreated or undiagnosed? Nope - they don't care. They even seem to perversely enjoy this. And if you disagree with them you must want to kill grandma (ironic since the policies they support led to many elderly deaths) or you're just selfish and want to get a haircut. 100% true that leftists have the intellect and maturity of high school sophomores.

  2. This goes back to the design of the schools. The schools are designed to create a permanent adolescence. (see John Taylor Gatto's work) So we end up with children and society that is structure like what Adam Corolla is calling a high school. To me it is more like a junior high school, but that is splitting hairs. The conditioning has made being "smart" into someone that repeats exactly what authority (teacher) says. Being popular has replaced being intelligent. Consensus with being correct.

    This is why for liberty to prevail the schools must be taken back first. It's what was taken away first and makes everything else possible.