Monday, January 11, 2021

A Social Justice Warrior Purge or a Serious Problem at Young Americans for Liberty?

Cliff Maloney

Jeff Frazee, chairman of the Young Americans for Liberty, has issued the below letter that announces that YAL President Cliff Maloney and vice-resident of Grassroots, Justin Greiss, have been put on administrative leave pending an investigation.



  1. While I certainly have no ill will towards Cliff, and I hope this works out ok for him, I have zero love for YAL. Thinking Liberty can be achieved through voting for the right people, I’ll say it again, they vote for people to get them Liberty, is nothing but a pipe dream and a joke.
    If Americans want to be free, they have to

    Resolve to Serve No More.

    Not vote harder.
    The wasted resources that go into the political machine is staggering.

    1. I'm less negative about their strategy.

      Like you, I don't think that long-term reform can come via politics, but if you get elected, then you have microphone and more people will hear you than if you're just The NAPster on some social-media platform. That was Ron Paul's advantage: No one believed that he could actually become president, but while in Congress and then particularly as a presidential candidate, he reached and converted a lot of people.

      In addition, having more folks vote "No" on legislation is not a bad thing.

      There are lots of ways to chip away at the edifice of the state, and I for one am glad that an organization like YAL is there to do some of the "dirty work."

  2. I'm curious if, in the pre-woke (somnolent?) days, anyone ever announced these things publicly. If there is a need for investigation, then go ahead and make it happen, but publicly announcing it smacks of virtue-signaling. It also maligns the alleged perpetrators, because there is a chance that the allegations could be adjudicated to be unfounded (note the hypocrisy in the second sentence of the first paragraph, since Maloney and Greiss are named later).