Friday, December 18, 2020

Third Alaska Health Care Worker Experiences Adverse Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine

 A Fairbanks health care worker was treated for a “probable” serious allergic reaction on Thursday after she received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Foundation Health Partners care system, reports The Anchorage Daily News.

She is the third Alaskan to experience an adverse reaction this week after receiving the vaccine. Two Bartlett Regional Hospital employees in Juneau experienced reactions after the vaccine — one serious and one mild.

The Fairbanks worker started to show what hospital officials described as “traditional anaphylactic symptoms,” including tongue swelling, hoarse voice and difficulty breathing, roughly 10 minutes after getting vaccinated, Kelly Atlee, Foundation Health Partners spokeswoman wrote in an emailed release Friday morning.

Question: Why are we hearing reports only out of Alaska?

It would be extremely odd if this reaction was only occurring in Alaska.

Also, keep in mind that the reactions are apparently more significant when the second dose is administered--and  Bell’s Palsy reactions don't occur until 22 days after the vaccination.



  1. "Question: Why are we hearing reports only out of Alaska?"
    Could this be Joshua Bennett's doing? Hmmmm?

  2. Alaska's allotted 35,100 doses arrived earlier this week and according to the Fairbanks Newsminer, this morning, only 545 had been given so far.

  3. This sure isn’t helping their cause in Alaska. Is Alaska reporting adverse reactions where other states aren’t? Alaska received 35,000 doses, and today in local news I read, “ As providers at the Alaska Native Medical Center began injecting workers with the new COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech this week, they started noticing something surprising: Leftover liquid in each five-dose vial, sometimes enough for a full extra dose or even two.”
    So should they be using the extra they wonder? Will they have enough of the phase 2 to cover the “extra” phase one doses? So they are playing with a vaccine they know nothing about, and even less about the next phase.
    If things keep up like this I think they will have plenty of the phase 2 vaccines, because less people will take it from reactions from phase 1.
    This is a long way from being politically over.

  4. "Question: Why are we hearing reports only out of Alaska?

    It would be extremely odd if this reaction was only occurring in Alaska."

    Other than being poison, perhaps it's tied to higher latitudes/sunlight exposure/vitamin D levels. If so then we can look forward to blacks being hurt by this vaccine at a much higher rate than others, and the inevitable rioting and looting that will follow.