Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Statism in Jesse Ventura Gets Triggered

Sometimes Jesse takes a libertarian-leaning position but all too often he gets triggered into statist positions. 

It is the state over individual freedom for him.

 In the end, he has no appreciation of liberty as a fundamental principle. 

 And his comment about Trump not wearing a mask after he was infected is simply idiotic. 

 A shallow thinker where a tough guy persona comes first---as long as it dovetails with the state.



(ht James Z.)


  1. Most people choose their politics based on what will benefit them. Ventura is terrified of dying of this disease, so now he says we all must wear masks.

  2. He might as well be wearing an SS Totenkopf visor hat. That Seal Team skull cap says it all.

  3. What a freakin tool. The people of WW2 wouldn’t have had a problem wearing a mask? And that would make them tough? This guys is a slob, I’ve never liked him.
    Maximus and Eric both have this right.

  4. "True, rugged-individualists and freedom-lovers would have no problem getting into the boxcars headed to the work-camps!"...