Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Mises Caucus Moving in the Right Direction

In line with my recent post,Thinking About Libertarian Resistance During the Statist Deluge, I am happy to see the Mises Caucus put out this email today:

Have you heard about our campaign to Abolish Shutdowns? We are ready to mobilize. Destructive government shutdowns have gone too far. Small businesses across the country have been destroyed. Millions will be without work this holiday season. This is not about science. This is about government trying to control how you live your life.

The LP Mises Caucus is ready to start mobilizing activists to engage with local sheriffs and city officals. We will be starting a fact-based movement at the local level and helping residents across the country rebel against all government shutdowns.

We have spoken with many of you one-on-one about this issue. We all agree that fighting against government shutdowns is the battle of our lifetime. 

Our passionate and generous supporters have committed to match all donations this week up to $2,000 to help with this campaign. We now need 99 grassroots supporters to donate $20.21 to match the $2,000 pledge commitment we have lined up. This is the time to act. We will not be able to amplify our campaign message without your help.

Will you be one of 99 grassroots supporters to donate $20.21 right now to help us raise $4,000 this week and amplify our Abolish Shutdowns campaign message?

Donate $20.21 now >>

Donate $50 now >>

Donate $75 now >>

Donate $150 now >>

Donate ANY AMOUNT now >>

Thank you for your support and helping us continue to deliver results in 2021.

Paid for and authorized by Mises PAC

P.O. Box 2183, Norristown, PA 19404, United States


  1. This is the caucus that Woods is apart of?
    This is good, let’s strike the root each individually and at the same time get connected across the states like the dominion voting system. If not now when?
    Resolve to Serve No More.

  2. I think they should also be pushing "ATE" messaging for politicians and the corporate press for the lockdowns.


  3. Great, people getting out there and doing something, much respect. Donation is forthcoming.