Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Creep Newsom Wants Personal Protection Equipment for Kindergarteners

California's creepy governor, Gavin Newsom, must be feeling the pressure. 

He announced on Wednesday that he is planning on opening in-classroom study in February for the youngest students. 

But get this.

He says it will cost $2 billion. You see, under Newsom’s plan, schools that reopen would receive an average of $450 per student. The money would be for Personal Protection Equipment, testing and other "safety" measures, with a focus on kindergarten through second grade.

How crony crooked can you get? 

The number of children, second grade and below, that suffer from COVID-19, never mind having a severe reaction is near zero.

Further, studies show that asymptomatic infected do not spread COVID-19. Thus the kids are not a risk to teachers.

This creep wants to feed the pocket of his crony buddies as he opens the schools.

I wonder if they plotted the scam at the French Laundry.



  1. Colorado already requires PPE including masks for PRESCHOOLERS. "School" looks like a dystopian novel. Please give Governor Polis the same negative press you give California.

  2. So far Grewsom hasn’t “followed the science” (other than at the French Laundry) why should we expect him to start now? That would be admitting he has been wrong. He is not capable of such humanity.

    California has a massive debt of $569 billion. What’s another $2 billion? Especially when he can use the crisis to enrich his cronies.

    And just think of this great opportunity to further indoctrinate his young impressionable subjects into the anti-social new (ab)normal.