Sunday, December 27, 2020

Should Trump “Lose the Battle to Win the War”

 D. Kuehn emails:

From a strategic thinking point of view, do you believe it would be better or worse for Trump to “lose the battle to win the war”, so to speak? If he pulls through somehow, and The Big Correction hits, wouldn’t that set back any hopes of anti-socialists for a decade at least? If Harris (oops, I mean Biden) ends up at the helm and TBC hits, wouldn’t that be better long term?The idea that when "The Big Correction" hits it will bring the country toward free markets. There is zero basis to expect this.

Well, first of all, I am not a big fan of Trump. He has done more harm than good during his four years on the throne. Biden will be no better but Trump is no prize. I fear we have lost many that could have been nudged into a move toward liberty because of Trump. I fear we will lose even more because of Biden. 

But to your point.

It is misguided to expect a magical advance toward freedom after an economic collapse. A grand strategy for liberty must be developed to take advantage of whatever the circumstances are. That is the only way.

Waiting for "The Big Correction" is not the answer, at all.

As Murray Rothbard wrote:

In most cases, the worse the worse. The government gets worse, things are bad, but the public gets inured to these measures, they can't identify the cause-and-effect relations anyway~ and so things steadily get worse.

 FDR, with his super expansion of  Hoover's interventionist programs, came into power because of the Great Depression. Hitler also gained his power because of the great depression.

That is the most likely result of "The Big Correction" greater interventions against freedom unless things are turned around at a fundamental level.



  1. Yeah, if Hildebeast would have given citizenship to all those 'natural libertarians' you idiots cheer to violate the American borer, I'd guess we would be bad shape as well. Any proof of all these 'natural libertarians' that illegally come here?

  2. When FDR was president, the public trusted the government. The distrust for government today is at an all time high.

    This time around as things get worse, distrust for government can go higher and deeper. Distrust of government can result in less government control over the people.

    The fall of the Soviet Union is an example.