Monday, December 14, 2020

Resistance Training Wheels

This is no time to be a masked Mickey or Minnie Mouse.

Leo Taylor emails:

Thank you for inspiring me to go mask-free here in the Peoples Republic of Austin, Texas.  It has indeed been "training wheels" for the resistance needed in the future. Besides striking a tiny little note for liberty, it has been a great personal growth/self improvement exercise

And he follows up with this report: 

Adventures in Going Mask-less

By Leo Taylor

           "Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God"  -- Thomas Jefferson

In spite of hating the feeling of wearing a mask I dutifully "did my part" in the early stages of this pandemic.  But as has become clear, the overwhelming weight of research says that masks are ineffective, see here and here. Even to the CDC's and WHO's own scientists.   Does re-breathing a percentage of your respiratory waste ever sound like a good idea, in the absence of good evidence?

So what's a sentient human to do, when faced with senseless government edicts, and a unthinking herd mentality to wear a mask?

To keep my self respect as a man who doesn't do the wrong thing, just because it's convenient, or "ordered ", I resolved to go mask-less.   But more importantly it is up to the minority of us, who are paying close attention, to demonstrate that blind obedience to political proclamations is optional, (and to give cover for the less bold to follow our example).  If we roll over and conform to a senseless mask edict now - just wait for what is coming down the pike.  Arbitrary and vicious enforcement of house arrest as in China - and now Australia.  Mandatory quarantine camps, i.e., prisons as in New Zealand.  may be the next ratcheting down of tyranny here in America - UNLESS WE SAY NO.

“Find out just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.” – Fredrick Douglass (self-freed slave)

Don't even get me started on what Bill 'Gates of Hell' and Fauci (a Gates Foundation board member) have planned for us 'vaccine guinea pigs', side effects be damned.   Apparently his sickening trail of death and destruction in Africa and Asia is not sufficient to discredit their plans for America.  Currently both Trump and Biden promise that the Covid vaccines will not be mandatory, but you tell me - what's the half-life of a politician's promise?

To summarize Robert Wenzel's great article at - this is 'training wheels' for the resistance to come.     Right now we have legal cover - the resistance to come may be civil disobedience that is not legal, if we don't stand up now.    

My first mask-less outing, I felt a twinge of discomfort welling up, and right then and there, promised myself that I was going to follow through with this commitment.  

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”  --  Neale Donald Walsch

I might add - self-improvement goes into overdrive when you get out of your comfort zone.   What a deal... I get to keep my self-respect, do a good deed for liberty - and improve myself as a human being.

My first encounter at an open air farmers market was instructive.  Standing about 5 feet away, one thirty-something man freaked out, yelling "Back off, BACK OFF!".  Hilariously, he was oblivious to the fact that his own mask was down below his nose!      I tried to talk to him, and quickly learned Lesson 1 - don't try to reason with someone stuck in the fear part of the brain stem.   Lesson 2 - respect that too many people have had their brains saturated with CNN fear porn - give everyone lots of space out of respect for their beliefs, correct or not.

As an aside, let's not denigrate the vast majority of conforming people as sheeple (hat tip to Collective Evolution).   They are doing the best they can with the information they have (or have been fed).  The vast majority of us have been bred over millennia to conform with the tribe in the interest of group harmony, cohesion and teamwork.   Such tribal cohesion has kept us alive through a few Ice Ages, among other trials and tribulations.    But tribal conformity can be suicidal when incompetent or malevolent leaders are sowing panic to further their own agenda.  So we need a constructive response to be an opinion leader, and not just a 'black sheep' in the herd.

Getting past the gatekeeper into stores I have found to be uneventful even in a big, liberal city.  Just say "I'm unable to wear a mask safely, medical exemption..." with a smile - read Allen Stevo's excellent primer.  Pointing to your medic alert bracelet makes it even easier.  Worst case, you might have to pull out your copy of the local decree, with the medical exemption highlighted in yellow.

If the proprietor still wants to be an unpaid and over-zealous enforcer for politicians' proclamations on their property, that is of course their right - I will happily leave and take my business elsewhere.  I then email higher management to see if they will train their people better, or change their policy.

But what is the best course of action when the occasional self-appointed mask Nazi demands to know "Where is your mask?".   Getting them out of their fear brain into logical reasoning is really not an option - but you can be to do a little 'street performance art' for witnesses to the interaction that still have an open mind... (and build your "social discomfort muscle").

Possible responses - always delivered with a big smile (you should be grateful that the mask Nazi is dragging you out of your comfort zone).  Be creative and have fun with it:
  • "Have you read the research that masks don't work? "  (perhaps with a raised eyebrow, or a bit of an incredulous tone...)
  • "Did you know that asymptomatic people don't spread the virus?"  Link
  • "Does your chain-link fence keep out mosquitoes?"
  • If they sound aggressive, call them on it with a smile - "Is that how you normally talk to strangers?"
  • If you want to get cheeky - "Your talents are being wasted here, but I hear the Gestapo is hiring..."
Get out of your comfort zone and strengthen your moral fiber. We're going to need more peaceful warriors who have practiced resistance to tyranny, not just thought about it. 


  1. Businesses are not permitted by law to demand that you wear a mask or to deny you any services. A business is covered as a "public accommodation" and must serve you as any other patron.

  2. Leo,

    You have your balls. No one can take them from you.

    I was scared to go out mask-less as well. At first, I had thoughts about everyone in the store. I looked at all of them. What would they say? What are they thinking? But in all my trips to stores, now numbering over one hundred, only one snotty classic soccer grandma white liberal had the nerve to say anything to me. I blew her off and went on my way.

    Now I don't even think about it. The only places that give me a problem are places I didn't want to be anyway, like government buildings and doctors offices.

    And I don't think about the other masked up patrons anymore either. I enjoy the slight adrenaline boost that the excursions provide and move on with my life. Coronavirus might as well no longer exist for all I care. Makes no difference to me. Life will move on regardless of the proclamations of self appointed public health czars.

    David B.

  3. I agree angry encounters will wake no one from their fear-based unreasonableness. Best to minimize confrontation because peaceful persuasion is only effective when most people are mostly reasonable. Reasonableness can only come on each individuals own time schedule of experience. " will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay, L.L.D.

  4. The sheep in Anchorage can’t even get enough resolve to push back when an unelected person is seated as mayor, then suspends elections to keep her power, then locks Anchorage down, again, and now gets caught breaking her own mandates WHILE INFECTED WITH COVID-19.
    It’s true you deserve the government you obey.

    “From all these indignities, such as the very beasts of the field would not endure, you can deliver yourselves if you try, not by taking action, but merely by willing to be free. Resolve to serve no more!”

  5. My dumb question numero uno for proponents of the "presumed infected until proven healthy":

    How come your mask doesn't work unless I'm wearing a mask?
    Ditto for vaccination and seat belts.

  6. Mama Bear is done with you hurting her cubs:
    It's over as soon as we end it.

  7. Although we have a "mandate" in my county, I'm pleasantly surprised at the reaction I get by being mask-less. My experience is much different than Robert's reports; perhaps a few nasty looks, but no hysterics. The clerks are actually pretty friendly for the most part. I think they're happy there are at least a few people who come in mask-less as it may motivate their management to lighten up.