Friday, December 25, 2020

One Giant Step That the President Can Take to Make America Great Again

President Trump is a New York City street hustler that somehow found his way to the presidency.

Having no principled foundational direction, by which he wanted to run his presidency after elected, he surrounded himself at the White House with establishment players who stabbed him in the back at every turn.

His recent pardons appear to be a combination of getting close friends out of hot water or correcting a misjustice fallen upon friends who found themselves on the wrong side of legal assaults because of being associated with him.

The only others that have been pardoned in the last couple of days are the few others that appear to have individuals in their circle with strong connections to Trump and those individuals are close enough to Trump to call in a favor.

But as the dark days of winter approach, if the President wants to take a deep step toward making American great again in a very significant way, he should pardon anyone who is in federal prison, or awaiting trial, for a drug-related charge.

Trump didn't end any wars overseas he merely lowered some troop counts. He has a chance to end the drug war.

The war on drugs, a favorite of the establishment, it could be argued is even a more vicious war than current overseas wars. By far, many more Americans are imprisoned because of the drug war, here in America, than the number of Americans captured and currently held overseas because of U.S. overseas military activity.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that 46.3% of federal prisoners are in prison for drug offenses.

Trump should pardon them all and declare the war on drugs over. And he should do what he can to immediately shut down the activities of any agencies that are part of this ongoing vicious war that is nothing but an attack on the way individuals choose to live their lives.

Making America great again is about returning freedom to Americans. Trump has the power to take a significant step in this direction by freeing prisoners held on drug charges and doing what he can to shut down the drug war.

If he did this, it would make President Trump one of the most significant presidents of all time.

He would be a president that defied the establishment and moved the country away from a horrific domestic war that only damaged Americans.

No other president has reversed such an oppressive program. If Trump does it, it would make him unique---and a great president.



  1. This is right out of Barry’s playbook:

  2. The usual TDS from RW who wants to over run the country with more low IQ trash from the turd world countries. It's ok RW, if Beijing Biden comes through he will outsource all manufacturing to China and give you all that 'muh cheap labor' you lol-libertarians love so much.

    1. Don't forget about even more fentanyl flooding the USA once the borders are open to all. Then we can listen to RW complain about all the extra junkies he has to step over each day.