Thursday, December 17, 2020


What the hell is she talking about? 

They generally haven't tested the vaccine on pregnant women.

From Lancet yesterday: 

[A] large proportion of COVID-19 treatment studies identified from high-volume clinical trial registries specifically excluded pregnant women...The ongoing exclusion of pregnant women from therapeutic trials for COVID-19 will result in missed opportunities to identify efficacious and safe treatments to prevent adverse maternal, pregnancy, and birth outcomes...The Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) states: “It is imperative to design clinical research for pregnant and breastfeeding women to learn about the currently unknown risks and potential individual benefits to them, as well as to the fetus or nursing infant”.

From Pfizer:

Oh yeah, she is reading the literature.



  1. Of course it is stupid for almost anyone, let alone a pregnant woman, to subject themselves to these “warp speed” vaccines that have a relatively tiny amount of testing and zero long term testing. But I have a question.

    If the vaccines do not stop transmission of SC-2 as some of the producers have admitted about their vaccines and the anti-social new (ab)normal is based on “cases,” how will the vaccines stop the new (ab)normal?

    1. I am puzzled as to how a vaccine, if it inoculates, can possibly not also prevent transmission. This makes no sense to me.

    2. In late October it was reported that Fauci indicated that vaccines for SC-2 will only reduce symptoms of C-19 but will not keep those inoculated from infection.

      Now it is being reported that the testing of the vaccines show this to be the case.

      Being subjected to drugs that have been allowed to skip proper evaluation to merely reduced symptoms defies reason for all but an extremely small part of the population, if anyone.

      I would not be surprised if it were not part of the plan to have the first round of SC-2 vaccines not have the ability to stop infection. That way the new (ab)normal can stay intact via the very questionable testing while big pharma cashes in asap and can also line their pockets with the inevitable round two vaccines.

  2. Yes, jump from a plane without a parachute. Don't give in to fear.

  3. Reading down her twitter feed someone mentioned it appeared she wasnt really being injected (I dont know enough to say) and then there is this;

  4. I am married to a non-insane doctor. I have many stories to tell of doctors I will never visit with after this. One my wife went to residency with that was fired for refusing to admit COVID+ patients back to the nursing homes in NY. The level of disgust I have for what is going on is beyond mentionable, and I've lost someone I considered a very good and close friend because she went full COVID. Her son has severe allergies and I'm beyond scared she will inject him and he suffers an anaphylactic shock as a result of her dread risk fear.

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