Thursday, December 31, 2020

Oh Yeah, We Got Another One!!

Another political hypocrite mini-Mao is gone

Ontario’s Finance Minister Rod Phillips has resigned after he was caught taking a midwinter vacation in the Caribbean while his province was under lockdown. 

During the trip, Phillips hid the truth with fake social media posts. Phillips resigned on Thursday, a day after Ontario Premier Doug Ford admitted to reporters that he knew the finance minister had been on the island of St. Barts for the last two weeks. 

 While there, Phillips made a series of Twitter posts that suggested he was still in Ontario. The vacationing minister shared photos of himself meeting with business owners, and a Christmas Eve video message in which he lamented the fact that Canadians couldn’t gather with their loved ones during the holidays.

During a video conference call on December 16, the finance minister even used a virtual backdrop of Ontario’s legislative building while he spoke. Some participants noted that crashing waves could be heard in the background.


(via RT)


  1. Hayek was only partially right, the dumb also rise to the top.

  2. LOL, you didn't get anyone, this fool simply had enough shame to step down. Had he not, what exactly would you have done, other than your normal kvetching? Nothing. Lolbertarians are committed to non violence so much that you made yourselves completely irrelevant. Men with guns can't be reasoned with, only destroyed.