Thursday, December 17, 2020

Nurse Passes Out After Getting COVID Vaccine

 About 17 minutes after receiving the Pfizer-made vaccine against COVD-19, Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover started feeling dizzy, apologized and fell over before she was caught by doctors standing behind her.

 She soon recovered and spoke again with WTVC, saying she has a condition where she often faints when she feels pain, reports The Washington Times.

“It’s common for me,” she said.

WTTC reported that the doctors at CHI Memorial said the fainting episode was not related to the Pfizer-made vaccine.

(ht Micah Armantrout and Gerard P.)


  1. Why was she feeling pain in her head ten minutes after being vaccinated?

    1. Just your everyday mild case of encephalitis?

  2. "It's common for me"? A nurse? In charge of a COVID unit? What person who faints regularly gets put in charge of a . . . ? Oh, never mind.

  3. Funny. Everything that relates to the vaccine we will be told it doesn’t have any relation to the vaccine.
    On the other hand, any and everything is Covid-19.
    A lot of people aren’t buying the vaccine and they aren’t buying the bs line when these stories come out.

  4. Hey Guys. Let's pick the girl who faints all the time to take the vaccine in front of multiple camera crews. What could go wrong.

  5. "the doctors at CHI Memorial said the fainting episode was not related to the Pfizer-made vaccine."-as will be the case with any future side effects

  6. Nothing to worry about, she always faints before palsy afflicts her.

  7. A nurse who passes out? I hope she assists with my next operation! Sounds like a real pro

  8. If she had contracted COVID, she would have been dead within seconds. It's just Science!