Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Masked Clown Tom Cruise

 So Tom Cruise went into a  major league rant that was aimed at the "Mission Impossible 7" crew for not "social distancing."

But pics of him regularly show him wearing a mask with vents.

There is plenty of debate over how well masks, in general, protect against COVID-19 but there is no one that will tell you that masks with vents prevent the flow of COVID-19.

From the CDC:
Masks with exhalation valves or vents
CDC does not recommend using masks with exhalation valves or vents because this type of mask may not prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to others. The hole in the material may allow your respiratory droplets to escape and reach others.

Someone with balls and who doesn't need the gig should yell on the set at Cruise about the type of mask he is wearing and the ignorance it displays.



  1. Nobody cares about the vents. I brought up the check valve vents in N95 masks when this whole thing started and nobody cared. Nobody cares about the lack of any standard for these masks. It's all about feelings and virtue signalling. They are a religious vestment, a social ritual. If I were to wear something that does work, and I do own these things for my hobbies (paint fumes, etc), I would probably have problems for scaring people or some nonsense.

    1. So true. I see masks with the vents all the time. But what’s the difference between that and the silly fabric wraps I see all the time that I can see through quite easily. None. It’s all public compliance. Everyone, all of them, are just showing their obedience.

  2. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see just one well publicized entertainer call BS on the new (ab)normal? Imagine if Patrick Mahomes were to refuse to be masked by the NFL. He could refer to the vast documentation evidencing that masking is not effective in stopping the transmission of viruses, some of which indicate making causes more transmission and other problems with health.

    If I were in his position I would use my wealth to enlist health and legal experts to defend against the inevitable fines and suspension from the league and backlash from Team Apocalypse (HT Tom Woods). I would make a statement describing how these actions are not to my benefit but for the grocery store clerks and other “essentials” that don’t have the means to not accept the forced new (ab)normal and civilization as a whole.

    If I had the publicity and wealth of Tom Cruise or LeBron James I would risk my future to try to reveal the unscientific, unethical new (ab)normal for what it is. If Patrick Mahomes were to say, “Nope. Not only am I not going to pull that mask over my nose, I’m not going to wear one at all or anti-social distance or any of the other new (ab)normal.” After referring to data from a study or three he could say, “If that means I can’t play in the NFL so be it. Integrity and freedom are more important than any game or career.”

    This would send fans and the media into a tizzy. Just imagine if a number of big names join in and start a bandwagon.

    1. Vast wealth is nothing without the ability to protect it from an outright assault or protracted legal entanglement from the worst this word has to offer.

    2. Instead Patty Mahomes has been quarantining from his pregnant girlfriend to keep her from getting sick these last several months I think it’s been now. Not gonna happen from these guys. Obviously they are talented athletes but complete morons that can barely speak intelligible words. And they’ve been trained well to do as they are told. But what’s Mahomes care? He just got half a billion dollars to be him, he isn’t going to make trouble just keep his mouth shut.

  3. Awww go easy on Tom Cruise; he's been nuts for decades. At least he's not in seclusion too often saving his urine and nail clippings. He still has time to film his vacations and massage them into feature films.

  4. Any one who has taken a HAZWOPER 40 hour would know some basics about masks. Yeah, virtue signaling stupidity.