Friday, December 11, 2020

Man Nabbed By San Francisco Coppers For His 14th MV/Motorcycle Theft!


Do you think the SFPD is happy with the lenient Foggy City judicial system and especially San Francisco radical lefty district attorney Chesa Boudin?

These are the kinds of posts the Tenderloin District police are putting up on Twitter.

They posted this on December 2:

Then this was posted 8 days later: And here is what is going on with motor vehicle theft in general: What you gonna do when they come for you? 

In San Francisco, what you are gonna do is be home in time for dinner.



  1. "Do you think the SFPD is happy with the lenient Foggy City judicial system and especially San Francisco radical lefty district attorney Chesa Boudin?"

    Is the SFPD composed of draftees? Are their employment contracts on par with those of the military where they cannot quit? No. These people are whores and the mayor and DA are their pimps. Their paychecks and benefits mean more to them than anything else, or they would have quit long ago.

  2. 5 or so years ago while living in Hayward I got into my car to discover someone had tried to steal it, failed, stole a backpack with a really expensive chemistry book in it... and left his unlocked cell phone behind.

    So I dug through his phone and found ample evidence that he was a prolific car theif. He was dealing meth too, but I don't care about that.

    So I gave the phone over to the Hayward PD and told them the story. They were amused. There were already warrants out for this dude.

    A couple weeks go by and I get a phone call from the cops. They found the guy. He died in a fiery crash after a high-speed chase across the Bay Bridge in a stolen vehicle high on meth. The lady on the phone was just oozing smug satisfaction at this asshole's crispy comeuppance. It gave me the creeps and made me feel kinda dirty. This dude was just asking for trouble, but am I supposed to feel good about him getting bbqed alive?

    I never got that book back, and a few months later the Hayward PD succeeded in stealing my car over unpaid parking tickets for blocking the street sweeper.

    The book was worth more than the car. Law enforcement is bad comedy.