Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Joe Biden, "President Imposed"

Tho Bishop with Murray Rothbard portrait

Great news out of the Bay, Florida Republican Party.

Tho Bishop, assistant editor of the Mises Institue, has been named vice-chairman of the Bay GOP and the REC adopted his proposed resolution:

Tho is solid. Things could get real interesting in the Bay GOP.



  1. Hah, this is great, but for me, true of any President. They were all imposed upon me without consent.

    David B.

  2. This is a nice statement. This further shows that most GOP at the grassroots are good folks, but they nowhere else to turn to. The libertarians certainly don't offer much other than open borders and smoking weed.

    The State AG of Texas has filed with the SC regarding the election fraud. I made sure to send an email to his office and governor complementing them for this action.