Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Is the Government Overcounting COVID-19 Deaths?

Here is the take via theTwitter stream of Alex Berenson, former NYT reporter and author of the series, Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns:


1/ The usual suspects will hate me for saying so, but the truth is the truth. 

We have solid @cdcgov  mortality data through mid-November and it is clear that we are now massively OVERCOUNTING #Covid deaths and have been for months.

This wasn't true in the spring. It is now...

2:08 PM · Dec 15, 2020·Twitter Web App

2/ The simplest and most obvious evidence of this is that overall deaths are far below where the combination of "normal" weekly deaths plus #Covid deaths would put them. 

In other words, so-called non-Covid deaths have dropped well below normal. This trend makes no sense...

3/ We saw a rise in lockdown deaths (especially overdoses) this spring and summer, and we have no evidence or reason to believe those would have returned to normal (and some evidence of rising suicides). Deaths from delayed medical care may have fallen, but we can't be sure...

4/ Plus the more recent data doesn’t say overall non-Covid mortality has returned to normal - it says it’s way below normal. See how the green bars (non-Covid deaths) were ABOVE the orange line (excess death threshold) in the spring but are now well below it?

5/ An even simpler way to think about it. During the week of April 4, we reported 10,000 #Covid deaths. And 72,200 total deaths.

During the week of November 15, we reported 9,300 Covid deaths, nearly the same as that April week - but 61,500 total deaths, 11,000 fewer overall...

6/ The only reasonable explanation is that massive testing combined with our death coding rules now mean that we are classifying a HUGE number of elderly deaths as #Covid, whether they are with or from.


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