Sunday, December 13, 2020

Former San Francisco Mayor Blasts California Restaurant Shutdowns: Calls for Uprising

Willie Brown

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in his weekly San Francisco Chronicle column is helping put heat on some of the absurd California lockdown measures.

He writes:

Shutting down outdoor dining isn’t just damaging small businesses. It’s also casting doubt on the credibility of state and local officials, just when the public’s trust is needed most.

As we enter this darkest phase of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that people follow the safety rules being laid down by our health and political leaders.

But when those leaders order shutdowns with no science to back them up, people who demand explanations and get no answers can lose faith that they’re being given the straight story.

A prime example was the short-lived order to close playgrounds. Parents screamed, and the state had to back off because officials had no data showing that playgrounds are places where the coronavirus spreads at elevated rates.

The issue is the same with outdoor dining: Where are the studies proving that people eating outside, with proper distancing, spread the virus? There are no data behind this “data-driven decision making.”

Maybe it’s time for restaurant owners and workers to start screaming, because thousands of businesses may well go under if this stretches into January and beyond.

Good for Willie, who will soon be the first person to-date to ever have had a mistress who later became Vice-President of the United States.



  1. He'd better be telling how exactly Ms. Harris got her political career started. He knows all the lurid details.

  2. Good points by Willie. Maybe he could start his OWN restaurant and serve Kool-Aid like his old best buddy Jim Jones.