Tuesday, December 8, 2020

FDA Confirms Two Trial COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Have Died

The FDA announced today that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine has “a favorable safety profile, with no specific safety concerns.” 

It noted, though, that two vaccine trial recipients have died. Magically, however, the FDA determined that deaths have not been linked to the vaccine.

So great, if the vaccine is so safe and the deaths were just a coincidence, let's remove the special protection that Pfizer and other vaccine makers have from lawsuits because of negative reactions to the vaccine.



  1. When an octogenarian or obese diabetic dies, it's "from covid." But when a vaccine trial volunteer dies, it's a mere coincidence. Right.

  2. These must be the only two deaths this year that are not "COVID deaths."

  3. I assume Phizer’s vaccine for the US that they are talking about is the same vaccine that they are trying to get approved in Europe?
    So possible sterilization isn’t a serious side effect? Or is that the desired side effect? When will the lies these people have been pushing for the last 9 months going to catch up with them? And again, why are they lying about everything and pushing this vaccine so hard?

  4. Hopefully you all know that all the vaccines on the CDC childhood schedule have received liability protection. Rather than going after the manufacturer you go to a special vaccine court where you are up against the US Gov. All this for something that is "safe and effective".

  5. Is it possible that both of these people were in the placebo group?

  6. Another Covid-19 death---but not to worry folks, it wasn't from the vaccine.

  7. Did anybody here even bother to look at the report? Yes... there were two deaths in the vaccinated group. But, there were four deaths in the placebo group.

    1. Yeah, I read it so what?

      23% more from the vaccine group withdrew early than from the placebo group.

      You can't compare the two groups the way you are trying.

    2. There's no reason for the people who might be subjected to the vaccine to be overly concerned why those in the placebo group died. There is a reason to be very concerned why the two in the vaccine group died. How many died comparatively in each group means nothing unless they died of the same cause across the groups.

      Let me do this with a non-emotional subject. Let's say I designed a new suspension system for existing automobile model that has been trouble free on long lived platform. The system is field tested. Some people get the present production suspension and some get the new one. Four cars in the present production group crash and two in the new suspension group crash. Do you decide to go ahead with the new suspension because less of those vehicles crashed alone? Of course not. You need to see if either those two crashed due to a suspension failure. If they both crashed because of bad driving, fine. If they both crashed because suspension springs cracked, that's of interest. And with such a product as this, if the present production vehicles also had cracked springs in a field test, you've got even bigger problems.