Thursday, December 10, 2020

DERSHOWITZ: I challenge YouTube to censor me.

Get your popcorn.

In the YouTube video below (if it is still online), Alan Dershowitz challenges YouTube to take his video down even though he breaks YouTube guidelines by stating the Trump-Biden election included widespread errors or fraud.

Watch the first couple of minutes and then at the 17:18 mark.


My view continues that if YouTube is acting as a private entity it can do whatever it wants. However, if it can be shown that it is an agent of the state the gloves can come off.

I am my suspicions about YouTube but I want to see solid evidence that it is acting for the state and not on its own in a remarkably misguided manner.



  1. 19:00 in. If YT decides to censor they are no longer acting as a public platform and lose their Sect. 230 protection.

    This smoking gun (S.230) has been out there awhile.

    1. Exactly, once they lose their government-granted immunity from defamation lawsuits, then I'll consider them a free-market entity that can do whatever they want.

  2. I caught this speech from the Mises/Ron Paul event in Texas last month that casts doubt that YouTube, etc. are truly "private"

  3. Who is the state? Which group of people at any given moment? If 50 CIA agents can use force to punish or kill dissenters from “deep state” behavior, is that a “governmental action” or not?

  4. I can only imagine Wenzel's kvetching when he gets censored.

  5. The market is already sorting this out. YouTube has through its bad action given an avenue for Rumble, Bitchute, etc to very quickly gain market share. The key is whether or not it is advisable to lobby for the use of government force to compel YouTube to change its behavior. That sets a dangerous precedent.