Friday, December 4, 2020

COVID-19 Political Hypocrites Make the Cover of The New York Post


They know it is a scam hustle.



  1. If these people that claim to have the counsel of the best experts, don’t follow the anti-social new (ab)normal, are they just stupid? Maybe but, more likely they know there is little evidence that LD’s, masking, six feet and all the other so called mitigation methods they have told us to follow are a ruse to diminish freedom.

    Interesting to find out how many sheople following the unscientific, unethical, and illegal tyranny, vote to re-elect these sociopaths that don’t follow the edicts they tell us to follow.

  2. They know the truth of what they deny. The severity of the disease for most is not as bad as they portray.

    The risk is not what is not nearly as bad as they say it is and the bogus PCR "dial in" testing will let them gin up whatever numbers they want without having to answer the question of what is the health severity of those infected.