Friday, December 4, 2020

CNBC TV Personality Who Inspired Launch Of Tea Party Movement Comes to the Defense of Locked Down Restaurants

Sparks flew on CNBC Friday morning as "Squawk Box" host and NYT Dealbook editor Andrew Ross Sorkin and fixed-income correspondent Rick Santelli - who provoked a media firestorm earlier this year for (only half-seriously) suggesting that people should just infect themselves with COVID-19 and get it over with - got into one of the most heated screamfests we've seen in a while, writes ZeroHedge.


Santelli, who covers the bond markets at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for CNBC had seen enough in 2009 when Washington policymakers began funneling what would be trillions of dollars to bail out various sectors that had been hit during the financial crisis.

Santelli, also speaking then on “Squawk Box”, exploded.

 As he closed the segment, he turned to traders on the floor and asked them if they would like to bail out their neighbors who had spent too much money on their homes. A chorus of “no” ensued. Earlier in the segment, he suggested he and some others in Chicago planned that summer to throw a “tea party” to show their anger. Closing, he turned to the camera and asked, “President Obama, are you listening?”

It was a key moment that launched the Tea Party movement.



  1. Every moron that advocates lockdowns always just says "science!" like they're holding 4 aces.

  2. And it’s not science. I’m so freaking sick of these people just saying “well it’s science”. BS! Then SHOW me the science. Where is it? Where are the studies?? They don’t have them we are just supposed to goose-step for them when they say “science” just like Eric says. The people who think the way most of us here do about this have SHOWN us the science. Study after study and it’s completely ignored. When you ask for their science it’s completely ignored. When RW asks OSHA, who has told us in the construction world exactly when and why and how to wear a mask, what these lockdown jerks tell us is in complete contradiction of all that you learn over and over in 40 hour Osha classes and hazmat classes. If I had the same standard for my employees in certain situations they are in, I would be fined or jailed by OSHA. But now a cloth masks work. BS. They are flat lying and I don’t think it’s just to boost their mini-mao egos anymore. I think there is something up that’s much more sinister.

  3. Steve the Leach responds, "Look at the numbers. I'd say 'letting it rip' is not working out all that well."

    Statements like this go unchallenged. The numbers clearly show there is no difference in outcomes of cases (a bogus metric anyway), hospitalizations, or deaths between states or countries with severe lockdowns and states or countries that did relatively little.