Monday, December 7, 2020

Are Flu Cases Being Reported as COVID-19 Cases?

There is something very strange going on with flu reports.

Flu reports are 62% below normal---according to the CDC. Most of the country is showing minimal flu activity. It's all green (minimal activity) according to the CDC.

The CDC is coming up with some pretty convoluted explanations for what is occurring but there is nothing definitive as to why flu has disappeared this year.



  1. It's a miracle!! Covid cures the Flu!! No other possible explanation.

  2. I showed the CDC numbers to a medical student today showing why very few of us under the age of 50 should be afraid. She said "these numbers are only from September; do you have something more recent?" and "the virus is changing all of the time." I really love the mental gymnastics people perform to keep themselves in fear.

  3. From my people I trust the word is that virus compete with each other. They compete for victims. The most vulnerable are being infect by Covid and leaving the flu by the side.

    I am not sure I buy it. But nature works in mysterious ways.

    Either way the hospitals are not being overwhelmed and thank goodness. Thankfully this just all overhyped fear.


  4. Covid-19 should get the Nobel Peace Prize and the Medal of Freedom, for its courageous and brilliant successes in eradicating the flu (and pneumonia too I'll wager)--!