Wednesday, December 16, 2020

ALERT: Joe Biden Has a 'Bit of a Cold'

As a follow-up to news that a reporter covering Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19, there is this:

Biden experienced bouts of coughing during his post-electoral vote speech uesterday and later said he had a “bit of a cold," reports The New York Post. 

A viewer asked on Twitter
Biden keeps coughing and clearing his throat. Is he ok?

Biden was last tested for COVID-19 on Friday.

Biden is 78 years old.



The infected reporter “is experiencing mild symptoms and is now isolating,” WHCA President Zeke Miller, a reporter for The Associated Press, said in a statement. The individual “had previously served in the protective pool on Monday and Tuesday."


  1. So maybe this is the bifurcated approach to dethroning Biden:

    1) Use the Hunter Biden scandal to remove him from office
    2) Smear Covid-19 on everything around him for that 5% chance of death, similar odds to "shooting the moon" in the game of hearts.

    It'll be a real pincer movement.

  2. Hmm maybe all those Trumpsters hooting on other websites that Biden will never see the Oval Office were right. Biological warfare.

  3. I wonder if they would bury a positive test.

  4. Relax, it's just an adverse side effect -- sorry, "immune response" -- from being jabbed.