Tuesday, November 3, 2020

"Why I Would Not Vote Against Hitler"

 Pulled from the comments at the post, Why I Don't Vote, Sui Juris writes:

BTW, I read this again this morning, and it really is an excellent post, Mr. Wenzel. Shades of Wendy McElroy's 1997 essay "Why I Would Not Vote Against Hitler"
[http://voluntaryist.com/articles/085b.html#.X6FSx0eSlEY] .

I particularly enjoyed these passages:

“For the most part, the masses are just headline readers. To structure a society based on the concept that a government is needed and to be chosen by shallow headline readers, highly susceptible to propaganda, is bizarre to me.”


“It is not an accident that the more totalitarian a government the more propaganda is pumped out and the more opposing views are censored. Forget the vote, the masses must be controlled by manipulation of their minds. The mind is where the focus needs to be, even every brute dictator understands this. Totalitarian rule can not survive regardless of its structure, democratic or dictatorship, if the people do not fall in line. A live and let live philosophy by the masses is the ultimate antidote to totalitarianism. In such a world, leaders would be looked at no different than a madman screaming on a street corner. The idea that it is a civic and noble duty to vote is the ultimate propaganda point. It is framing society within the context that we must be ruled over, that the civilized freedom of live and let live can not be had.”

RW  note:

I should state that while I think  McElroy makes a lot of very important points, if in what McElroy properly calls the fantasy land that it came down to my vote to oust Hitler, I would cast the vote.

In reality, as I said in my earlier post, I would foucus on derailing the train tracks to Auschwitz and not focus on the sanctioning of mob rule, that is the vote.

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  1. "I would foucus on derailing the train tracks to Auschwitz"

    The real fantasy land is one where lolbertarians take any real world action. The reality is you wouldn't be bothered to tap a few keystrokes to defend free speech when the Daily Stormer had its domain name stolen and website shut down. You cowards were too afraid of defending someone with hated opinions to speak up, but when it really counts you'll all of a sudden spring into action? LOL, please. I've met many lolbertarians and the vast majority have never even been in a simple fistfight, much less combat, so keep dreaming.