Friday, November 20, 2020

Warning to Homeschool Providers... are likely to come under major attack from the Biden Administration from multiple directions, including for not providing enough "social justice" education.

Joe Biden is extremely pro-union and the powerful teachers' unions are rabidly anti-homeschooling.

In addition, Biden is appointing a lot of "centrists" in early key positions. He will use the Department of Education to throw a bone to the radical left.

Be prepared.

Step one may be to not call your program a homeschool program.



  1. How about: "Classical Liberal Indoctrination and Emotional Conditioning Program." That ought to push all their favorite buttons and many "woke folks" won't have a clue.

  2. Not sure why you waste space on some hypothetical 'biden administration'.
    It ain't gunna happen.

    1. It's already been decided. The selection is Biden, and there's nothing you or Trump can do to stop it.

  3. My wife is a home school evaluator. She is proactively preparing for the crazier requirements.

  4. It's not throwing a bone to the radical left, it's giving them the future.

    How things are run today is essentially how the government junior high I went to was run. It's not now government and corporations and so forth operated when I was in junior high, only the schools functioned that way, but now most everything does.

    How the schools operate today is how all the various institutions including corporations and government will be run in the future. It trains people as children as this is how things should work. When they become adults that's then how they do it.

  5. What does Wenzel mean when he suggests to not call your program a home school program? What else would you call it?