Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Ticketmaster Goes Covid-19 Evil

"Ticketmaster has been working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smart phones to verify fans' vaccination status or whether they've tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window," reports Billboard.

The Ticketmaster digital ticket app will rely on third party health information companies like CLEAR Health Pass or IBM's Digital Health Pass and testing and vaccine distribution providers like Labcorp and the CVS Minute Clinic.

More details:

After purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated (which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection) or test negative for coronavirus approximately 24 to 72 hours prior to the concert. The length of coverage a test would provide would be governed by regional health authorities -- if attendees of a Friday night concert had to be tested 48 hours in advance, most could start the testing process the day before the event. If it was a 24-hour window,  most people would likely be tested the same day of the event at a lab or a health clinic.

Once the test was complete, the fan would instruct the lab to deliver the results to their health pass company, like CLEAR or IBM. If the tests were negative, or the fan was vaccinated, the health pass company would verify the attendee's COVID-19 status to Ticketmaster, which would then issue the fan the credentials needed to access the event. If a fan tested positive or didn't take a test to verify their status, they would not be granted access to the event. 

The chances of my using any ticket service or attending an event where organizers demand such tests are ZERO.

Are the masses really going to put up with this coprolite? 



  1. The masses have put up with the TSA. Unfortunately this will likely be a slam dunk cinch.

  2. Where's the force involved? Why is it evil for private property owners to want to stop the spread of a pathogen on their property? Isn't this the lolbertarian solution?

    1. Who said it was a libertarian issue? It's about the phony Covid narrative pushing into everything.

      I would think the artists would see the effect this is going to have on sales and move away from Ticketmaster.

    2. I think the idea is that if Ticketmaster doesn't do stuff like this, the gov't won't allow them to have events (or make onerous rules such as each attendee must sit in his own self-isolated plastic bubble during the concert).

    3. Sure, because libertarians are not allowed to criticize private companies.

    4. I know multiple business owners in Seattle that are not concerned. It is the local government that is forcing their hand into these measures. Not by choice as you are assuming. Ticketmaster does not own property. It is also an assumption that the property owners of the venues are supportive of all the Ticketmaster policies.....pretty sure most have at least a few.

  3. Yeah, people will put up with this because, they gotta be entertained!

    Thankfully, I don't attend concerts, or much of anything else that would utilize Ticketmaster. I know, however, that this stupidity will be pushed to other arenas as well.

  4. My response to this headline: "So what else is new?"
    Ticketmaster sucks. They are the biggest cause of skyrocketing concert costs.
    I'm not a big Pearl Jam fan, but Eddie Vedder's heroic campaign against Ticketmaster back in the day gave me hope. Soon dashed, sadly.

  5. It would be fascinating to see a world where governments give up on virus related restrictions and the corporate press ceases its fear mongering. People have been so traumatized that self policing like this would continue for years regardless.

    I could live with it as I'm sure their would be market competition that would offer concert services for people who aren't afraid of ghosts. But I still have some pity for the frightened masses. They are truly in an abusive relationship.

    Relating this to your previous post on mental illness, the real pandemic is entirely psychological and philosophical in nature. People bought into the idea of a deadly pandemic so much that they cannot adjust for the reality that there is a 99.9+% chance of recovery for the healthy population. They've lost touch with the reality that people die. Old and unhealthy people are particularly adept at dying.

  6. This op has a long way to go. It's going to be very painful and people are going to learn what it means to be slaves. Yessa Massa.

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  8. Theaters, retail stores, professional games, airlines, businesses and government buildings are all in line for this I think.
    Actually I am positive they will. It’s how they will attempt to force people to get the vaccine. Like the evil pos Schwabb said recently and in his book, “they” are not going to allow life to go back to the way it was. Ever.
    People, individuals, will have to resist and not comply, if they ever want to be free again.

  9. What passes for music these days is pathetic, in my view. Sports? Love to play. Not such a fan of watching, but if they would pay me to watch, I might consider it. Ticketmaster just doesn't do anything for me I can't get elsewhere. Yep, Wenzel, you hit the nail squarely on the head. "ZERO!"

  10. Add to this another layer of oppression---the Social Credit System, coming soon---and the transformation from from independent sovereigns to powerless slaves will be complete.