Monday, November 23, 2020

Thinking About Emergency Libertarian Strategy

 Freedom is under attack.

From bizarre lockdowns, curfews and mask-wearing orders for a virus that is not a serious threat to 99% of the population, to social justice warriors swarming to introduce as much socialism and censorship in a Joe Biden presidency as possible, to a Federal Reserve money printing operation far out of control, the country is on the brink of serious economic and social deterioration plus escalating authoritarianism.

These are not the kinds of developments that are down the road, they are here and now. For all practical purposes, we are already in early-stage socialism

We are outmanned, mainstream media is socialist-leaning, as are college students, and the business and political elite. Libertarians need to use every tool at their disposal to impede the socialist advance. At best, we have 5 to 10 years.

I consider politicians as potential tools. There is not a Ron Paul among the current group but some are good on individual issues and we should support and help them, not fully, but when they are advancing a liberty cause.

In a recent post at EPJ, I Became a Congresswoman to Stop Socialism in America, I highlighted some of the libertarian-leaning views of incoming Congresswoman Victoria Spartz.

She supports the 2nd Amendment, is in favor of cutting the debt (and not by raising taxes but by cutting spending) and is in favor of shrinking regulations.

Here are a couple of comments to the post and my responses.


I agree. DC actions are not the answer. We need a groundswell of activity like that of the business owners in Buffalo, NY who chased out the health bureaucrat and sheriff. Civil disobedience everywhere and always.


I have no objection to civil disobedience but this is no time to be picky and choosy about tools to fight for freedom. To the degree, we can get members of Congress to support freedom the better. A member of Congress who gets strong outside support for her freedom positions will get noticed by other members. That's how AOC gets notice for her socialist views.


Her website has the usual pablum about a Strong National Defense, and doesn't mention the word "war", so I wouldn't get too hopeful.


This is a view that Murray Rothbard recognized in his private strategy paper and pointed out that Leninist called it sectarianism.

Libertarian sectarianists are those who want the perfect candidate and political groups that can be checked off to support every libertarian issue. News to libertarians, there are no such perfect candidates and political groups at present. Thus, alliances must be formed with groups and individuals that are not in complete sync with libertarian positions but that we can work with on specific issues.

I repeat, we are short on time and outmanned. We must use every tool at our disposal including political officials when they are in sync on particular issues.

We have nothing to lose. The placing of roadblocks, big and small, on the road to serfdom is important wherever and whenever we can do it.



  1. Maybe aligning Victoria Spartz with Thomas Massie (KY HRep) might be a good start or good direction. Massie has tried to take on Ron Paul's crown of "Mr. No" (instead of Dr. No). He is solid...oh yeah, and had the guts to standup and say "No" to the CARES Act.

  2. Don't worry RW and fellow libertardians, all those millions of illegal 'natural libertarians' from leftist poop holes will come and fight for freedom.

  3. Freedom is under attack!
    In other news, Harry S. Truman is no longer President, and the Hindenburg crashed.

  4. Going the political route is fine but not even close to being as important as getting to know people close to us like family and friends better, and being an influence on your own acquaintances, for a much more realistic positive outcome for all. Most libertarians I suppose will need to keep quiet and in the public shadows to be safe, but we need a lot of folks willing to be a local loud voice to his immediate community. There’s a better way! More important now before worse things come because it is valuable to be able to say “I told you so” or better yet people will just remember you told them so, and possibly look to you and your philosophy for answers.
    And even fewer need to influence political means. I just feel like people, way to many people, including libertarians, look and work to influencing the political realm and leave everything else up for grabs which becomes easy pickings for the socialist.
    Politics is more fun and easier because we don’t have to be personable with anyone, but we can’t leave the other areas out there that we can influence to the dogs.

  5. Hopefully, when the necons descend on her to try to ruin her, she will remember Obama regime-changed-by-protest her former country and how much suffering it caused.