Monday, November 9, 2020

The Curious Timing On Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Results Announcement

I spoke to some Wall Street research analyst friends this morning who specialize in pharmaceutical companies.

They are quite surprised by today's release by Pfizer of its strong test results for its COVID-19 vaccine.

Wall Street was expecting results from Pfizer to be announced in late October and most analysts thought the delay in news meant negative results. There is no question Pfizer would have had the results in late October based on the calendar of when the phase 3 trials started.

But it just turns out, coincidentally I am sure, that the results weren't released in October which would have been a powerful "October election surprise" in Trump's favor. Instead, the results were released this morning after mainstream media had declared over the weekend that Joe Biden is president-elect.

Just coincidence.



  1. Look at the chairman and CEO. Cohencidence indeed.

  2. they dont even try to be inconspicuous anymore. The masses are too stupid to know what is shown them in bright daylight.