Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Clown Who Launched the Vaccine Madness

The first person to launch a vaccine program for all Americans was President Gerald Ford who was behind in the election race against Jimmy Carter. He was the one who in stumbling fashion started the vaccine madness. It was a blatant attempt by Ford to position himself as someone who cared for the people and did what was necessary to protect the people. Here is Ford making his vaccine announcement ( 1 minute 14 seconds).


Many people laughed at the Ford attempt "to protect people against the flu." They knew what was going down. 

The first few seconds of this 1976 "Saturday Night Live" skit shows what the in-crowd thought of Ford's vaccine (Check out Chevy Chase's arm. He was playing Ford).


Others did take the vaccine and later regretted it. It was linked to an increase in the number of patients diagnosed with an obscure neurological disease known as Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome 

Discover magazine noted in 2013:
The American public can be notably skeptical of forceful government enterprises in public health, whether involving vaccine advocacy or limitations on the size of soft drinks sold in fast food chains or even information campaigns against emerging outbreaks. The events of 1976 “triggered an enduring public backlash against flu vaccination, embarrassed the federal government and cost the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control his job.” It may have even compromised Gerald Ford’s presidential re-election...

The government propaganda has obviously gotten much more sophisticated since Ford's first bumbling attempt, including, now, control of the media and entertainment industry. 

SNL would never think of doing an anti-vaccine skit now.

And one wonders what the side-effects might be from Trump's "warp speed" vaccines. Are Trump supporters really going to take these vaccines? Are lefties? Are blacks who are going to be first in line?



  1. For 45 years pop-culture and the Media have pushed, advanced and nurtured the caricature that Republican Presidents are doofuses and simpletons. I guess the lesson is: stick with what works.

  2. And who controls the media and entertainment industry I wonder?