Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Senate Control Update

Republicans scored key Senate victories in Tuesday’s elections, with wins in Iowa and Alabama, while Democrats flipped two seats, with former Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper unseating incumbent GOP Sen. Cory Gardner in Colorado, and Democrat Mark Kelly, a former astronaut, toppling Republican Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona, the Associated Press projects.

Control of the chamber still remains in doubt as a number of other GOP-held races hang in the balance. Democrats now have a net gain of one seat. They need to gain three seats to win a majority if Democrat Joe Biden wins the White House or four if President Trump wins re-election, notes The Wall Street Journal.

The worst-case scenario, of course, is a Democratic sweep of Congress and the White House which would result in Democratic aggressive expansion of the government. A Republican majority in the Senate, which would mean significant congressional gridlock, is the best scenario.

As Krugman understands a Biden win with a Republican-controlled Senate means:



  1. My own view is quite simple minded: both parties are communistic - meaning they abhor private property. The Democrats want total communism now and the Republicans want to slow them down. The Republicans want total communism soon and the Democrats want to speed them up. I think sooner is better than later since it will all collapse and we can start over. As stated, simple minded.

  2. Nonsense. Republican senators will fold like a cheap suit. "Conservative" judges can't be counted on either. Roberts is proof if that. Democrats will get everything they want, except maybe packing SCOTUS. Maybe.

  3. The Supreme Court is always rigged . . . in favor of the state.