Monday, November 23, 2020

Qantas Airlines Turns Vaccine Evil

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

Major global corporations are quickly turning away from the perspective of "The customer is always right," to ""How can we play a role in advancing government authoritarianism."

I remind readers that this vaccine requirement would be for a virus that is not of serious health consequence to 99% plus of the population, while most of the COVID-19 vaccines under development are relying on mRNA technology that have never been used in vaccine production before now.



  1. If you don't like it, start your own airline.

    See how much fun lolbertarianism is?

  2. I keenly look forward to Herr Quantas bankruptcy in the near future.

  3. Hey I got an idea. Let’s have all “non-essentials” kept in their homes until we “warp speed” a vaccine. The first of its kind with a new technology that we have absolutely no long term knowledge of its efficacy or safety. And then let’s deny access to civilization to anyone that uses a few synapses and chooses not to be lab rats for the big pharma cronies and the sociopathic politicians, bureaucrats and their “just following orders” enforcers.

  4. Next up: Suspended drivers licenses for those who can't prove they've been vaccinated. Or frozen bank accounts. Or denial of credit. Or income tax penalties. Or suspension of occupational licenses. Or one's children barred from going to school, followed by truancy charges against the parents.
    With a little imagination, it's easy to see how the State can force us to do things without actually using physical force.

    1. One slight correction: some of these things might not involve the use or threat of force against end-users, but it would be applied against the service providers or licensing organizations. One way or another, the state can only act through force.

  5. Wonder if Quantas will assume liability for any adverse effects of the vaccine on those previously healthy people who vaccinated solely in order to fly on Quantas? Has anyone run this by the Risk Manager? Those premiums will def increase tickets prices?

  6. Qantas is (unfortunately) an example of woke capitalism at play. They pulled their sponsorship for Australian Rugby Union because the national representative team's star player, Israel Folau - the world record try scorer in Super Rugby - a strong mormon, engaged in social media wrongthink. In reply to a fan's Instagram question about God and homosexuality, he referred his fan to 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10:. For this the woke brigade came after Folau, his wife (a champion netball player) and the ARU itself. I don't think the woke were running to the defense of the greedy, drunkards, slanderers and swindlers who were also condemned in the verse.

    It's probably no coincidence that Qantas runs in tandem with a virtually totalitarian disregard for their customers individual rights. Luckily for the corporate wokercrats of Qantas corporate HQ, Folau didn't tweet in opposition to the non-consensual penetration of people's bodies, something Qantas management apparently has no qualms with.

    Qantas's position on vaccinations is actually more extreme than the Australian federal government's. Prime Minister Morrison originally toyed with the idea of compulsory vaccinations but has, at least in public, walked back from that position. They will most probably use "nudge" techniques to push it. The Qantas jab plan is probably part of that thinking.