Thursday, November 5, 2020

Philly Vote Count Madness

This is remarkable. 

Democratic vote counters in Philadelphia continue to stop Republican vote observers despite a court order.



  1. I am pretty sure US Marshalls enforce federal court orders. Call Marshall Dillon!

  2. Perhaps Zimbabwe ought to have sent observers to ensure that the US elections were conducted with integrity.

  3. The Republican Party may be the "stupid party," but without a doubt the Democrat Party is the "evil party." Their conduct this whole Election---nay, the past four years---is monstrous. In fact, their entire history is one of evil: The Trail of Tears...Slavery...the KKK...The Fed and The Income Tax...WWI...The New Deal...WWII...Jim Crow and Segregation... Utterly despicable.
    It's definitely time to pursue some endeavors other than politics...get some new, healthier hobbies and pastimes. Pick-up that guitar once again, or finally learn Spanish...maybe finally learn how to juggle, or how to meditate. Politics is such a waste of time...