Thursday, November 12, 2020

Nature Slaps the Lockdown Nutjobs in the Face

By Robert Wenzel

One thing that it is important to understand about the lockdown nutjobs, that want to shut down the entire world because of a COVID virus that is of no serious consequence to 98% plus of the population, is that they are very shallow thinkers who think in one dimension. 

They are playing tic-tac-toe in a world that is much more complex than three-dimensional chess. Yet, they think they have all the answers. They are a perfect example of what Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Hayek described as those having the fatal conceit of thinking they are capable of centrally planning the entire world. They will end up destroying a world they think they can control.

When they are asked what are the other consequences that need to be considered because of a total COVID-19 related lockdown, they have no answers. They don't think about the potential increase in suicide rates, child abuse, mental depression, skipped medical treatments for other ailments, etc.

I repeat, they are shallow, one-dimensional thinkers--if thinkers can even be used as part of the description.

So it is good to see that nature is even slapping these flatheads in the face.

The New York Times is reporting in a panic tone that there are significant increases in measles infections.

[M]easles cases in the country hit a record annual high of 1,282 across 31 states, the most since 1992, according to figures updated earlier this month. As recently as 2012, the U.S. case number was 55...Public health experts said the soaring numbers are the consequence of years of insufficient vaccination coverage. They worry that the pandemic will exacerbate the spread of measles, a disease that is even more contagious than Covid-19.

“We are worried that there are new gaps in immunity opening because of Covid on top of those that were already there,” said Dr. Natasha Crowcroft, senior technical adviser for measles and rubella at the W.H.O. 

I have serious questions as to whether a measles vaccine is necessary, but the lockdown flatheads in their one-dimensional world are all for it.

But the world is simply too complex for authoritarian measures, nature will always slap back if you try to ignore its rules.

And nature is slapping the lockdown flatheads in the face, good and hard. They put on the lockdowns and their other central plan of global measles vaccinations collapses.

It should be a reminder to the rest of us that central planning doesn't work even if it is recommended by the flatheads in the medical community. Nature will have the last word.

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  1. It is very likely the uptick in measles is due to the anti-social new (ab)normal isolation from pathogens causing suppression of our immune systems. There is evidence that the masked anti-social new (ab)normals are the ones experiencing more C-19 then us old normals. Seems like this would translate to all communicable diseases.

  2. Not to mention the known fact that any percent increase in poverty will also increase malnutrition rates and therefore disease rates. They are actively trying to increase sickness by suppressing immune function on all fronts.

    Interesting just how innocuous most diseases are.

  4. For the vast majority of the lockdowners, you are correct. They cannot think past what they can see. For those who planned, initiated, and are guiding this little op, you are describing a plan going well.

  5. Why don't more multidimensional thinkers end up in positions of power and influence? Whatever other shortcomings there may be to how these people think, they appear to be far more successful and influential than us 2-D and up thinkers. Either 1-D thinking provides some non-obvious benefit that helps these people become big shots, or there are lots of big shots out there who are perfectly capable of multi-dimensional thinking, but prefer to keep the results to themselves. If we did a survey of students at Harvard and Yale to ask them about masks, what do you think all those little 1-D overacheievers are going to say? Do you think they believe what they say? Is there no one out there who is multidimensional, honest AND influential?

    1. An inherently corrupt political system requires corrupt leaders and obedient people to succeed. People who want their fear of pain and death and failure assuaged by orders from their superiors, who probably do little critical thinking in the political sphere, are not likely to attune themselves to such multidimensional thinkers. And those 1-D big shots already in power are not likely to bring the former aboard. In short, in this market, multidimensional thinkers are not in high demand.

  6. We traded natural lifelong immunity from measles for temporary vaccine induced immunity. You didn't get to vote for this. Your great overlords decided for you.

  7. "...a disease that is even more contagious than Covid-19."

    -- Is measles deadly? Prior to vaccines, getting measles was a rite of passage for young children. The world seems obsessed now by contagion instead of lethality.

    On a related topic, I will be interested to see the SIDS statistics coming out of the lockdowns. I've seen some work that the brutal vaccine regimen in the US could be a cause of SIDS (I think Japan might have seen SIDS decline when they pulled back on child vaccinations), so you'd expect fewer SIDS cases in 2020. That would be a big silver lining for the lockdowns.

    Longer term, perhaps we'll also see a decline in autism, etc. from delayed or reduced vaccinations But they'll probably attribute that to masking two year olds.

  8. The local news in my area of the country did a small poll restaurant owners. They can't survive another total lockdown. But what do the elite care? They have their millions.

  9. This is the pandemic butterfly effect where a moth in China flapping its wings creates a socialist tyranny on the other side of the world