Friday, November 27, 2020

My Most Fulfilling Thanksgiving

 By David Burns

This year we hosted Thanksgiving. We didn't want to, but none of our friends or family would commit to it, so we stepped up and filled the void. So we invited friends and family and hosted a wonderful event.

Many great things stand out from today, like my joke that I was going to take our dinner picture and tweet it to Governor Northam's Twitter account, but I want to highlight two that meant a lot to me. 

First, because neither my wife nor I are very good cooks, we ordered all the food from a place here called Fresh Market. This is like a Whole Foods competitor that caters to the uber liberal crowd that loves their covid fantasy. Mask compliance at Fresh Market is probably 100% nearly every day. Today I walked in maskless (as I try to always do), smiled at everyone and wished several terrified people a Happy Thanksgiving.

The second highlight was everyone at dinner realizing simultaneously that we were eating a large meal together in front of big windows with all of our wonderful holiday joy in full view. No one in my neighborhood, which is also heavily liberal, had any guests over. I did not see one visiting car on the street or any lights on up and down the block. Maybe they all went out, but I doubt it.  We discussed closing the drapes, made jokes about the cops coming, but ultimately embraced our openness and left them open.

Our Thanksgiving hosting was a success and it brought families together for a wonderful night of love and peace.

God Bless and always remember to choose love over fear and panic. Love will always win.

Warm Holiday Regards,
David B.
Virginia Beach, VA

David Burns is a cyber security engineer living in Virginia Beach. He can be reached at


  1. Bravo! Sometimes terrified people are nothing short of hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!