Thursday, November 19, 2020

More From Rand Paul On COVID-19, Lockdowns and Vaccines

Rand Paul

This is a much more detailed interview of Senator Paul compared to the interview this morning. Rand makes some excellent points here.

I especially like the original thought about a restaurant advertising that its waitress can not pass the virus on because they have already been infected.


Kudos to One America's Jennifer Franco for excellent questions that helped bring Rand's complete thoughts on the matters out. 



  1. Vaccines produced during our current hysteria on an accelerated schedule with forced government funding is a recipe for disaster. There is nothing "voluntary" about this whole process. The best public policy is always Do No Harm.

  2. mRNA vaccines are an interesting technology that could change humanities future. A few month of testing cannot tell us how it will change our future.

    The two vaccines that are about to receive approval for SC-2 are brand new technology - mRNA vaccines. They were developed and tested in “warp speed.” Testing for safety is the most crucial issue. A vaccine that is effective defense from C-19 but caused other sickness isn’t all that effective for overall health.

    With only a few months of testing, we have no clue as to the long term effects of this new technology. Considering that the infection rate, death rate for C-19 and that a majority of those who have tested positive for C-19 never actually get sick, the limited time for testing the vaccines is a big factor in ones decision to be vaccinated.

    Since the CDC and the WHO have stated that the SC-2 virus has not been isolated, it is confusing as to what these vaccines are supposed to vaccinate us against. How do you make a vaccine against a virus that has not been found molecularly? These mRNA vaccines are supposed to consists of a strand of mRNA that tells the body to produce the “spike protein” the coronavirus uses to latch on to human cells. Are all coronavirus spike proteins the same and they are using another coronavirus that has been properly isolated to create these vaccines?

    Answers to these questions and much more testing time from real world subjects are what I require before I will even consider subjecting myself to these vaccines. Factor in the effects of C-19 to an otherwise healthy person, that lives a healthy life style and has a healthy immune system, along with the currently available treatments for C-19 and any vaccine, let alone one that we have no long term knowledge of, seems unnecessary at best. These vaccines are not worth the risk.