Monday, November 30, 2020

Lawsuits Coming Against Corporations Requiring Masks

On the absolutely fascinating weekly legal discussion YouTube show, Viva Frei/Robert Barnes, tough as nails lawyer Robert Barnes mentioned he is going to be using the Americans With Disabilities Act in lawsuits to go up against retailers who demand that customers wear masks.

He didn't go into any greater detail but this could get interesting. He is very sharp and no doubt has thought out a strong case.

 From a libertarian perspective, this gets a bit complex. 

On the one hand, these are private firms and should be left alone to set policies as they desire. On the other hand, many act as agents of the government. If they are, indeed, agents of the state, I have no problem going after them using statist laws.

Also of note, Barnes predicted that if the government or corporations start to require COVID-19 vaccinations of the population, a massive black market in vaccination certificates will emerge overnight.

He says the government has no idea as to the opposition in the populous to forced COVID-19 vaccinations. (NOTE: This assumes  Bill Gates “Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System” is not functional yet--but even here I trust the black market to possibly come up with something)



  1. There is no doubt in my mind that these corporations are actual agents of the State. I am in full support of this and hope many more stands and actions are taken. They aren’t playing reindeer games, if we continue to we will be the game on the wrong end at the end of a hunt.

    1. Speaking of corporate tyranny, here is a good article about it:

      Tyranny, Inc.
      What government wants to do but cannot, it can require corporations to do for it

      Of course, libertarians cheer when corporate America or any corporation helps with destroying human rights.

      I'd like to read RW's take on this, but this seems a serious problem with libertarian theory and goes back to my point that culture matters in the sense that if these people don't share your values, they will work against you. But hey, more turd world should come in spades, right?

    2. I agree. This article does a good job detailing the incestuous nature of corporations and governments and how corporations are a means to get around the Bill of Rights. And it becomes almost impossible for people to fight back. Corporate tyranny is very much a reality.

      Unfortunately, I haven't seen any very good possible solutions. Conservatives typically trot out old progressive ideas like anti-trust laws that won't work and could just expand corporate influence instead. And I'm unimpressed with the usual libertarian solutions. These are impotent against this because these corporations are being converted at an alarming rate and these laws/regulations/judicial decisions affect all corporations. You could make the case that all corporations are government agents now. No wonder they have used the lockdowns to destroy small business.

      The solution may lie in attacking government corporate charters itself.

  2. I feel like he should start his class action suits representing corporation employees who are forced to comply or lose their jobs. Nobody agreed to work with a mask when they were hired, yet, employers unilaterally decided on a medical intervention that restricts oxygen intake? Bring OSHA regs out and once employers cannot force masks onto employees, how can they force them on customers?
    I had to pay a doctor $450.00 for a medical waiver but my coworkers thought it was only for a few weeks so why spend the money? They are really suffering with 8 hour reduced oxygedn intake.

  3. This is Amerika. All citizens will be presumed infected until proven healthy and we will have plenty of unreliable, expensive and time consuming tests to make that happen. Or not. Meanwhile we will sue the crap out of businesses for not enforcing the mask mandates because they have been deputized as agents of the state.

    All within the state. All for the state. Nothing outside the state.
    Got any questions? Drop me a line.