Friday, November 13, 2020

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Advisers are Worse Than the Disease

New York Post editorial gets it right.

Here are key snippets:

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board looks pretty . . . sick.

One of his top guys wants a six-week national lockdown, with mass borrowing to pay all the sidelined workers. Another wanted the country to go on lockdown for 18 months — and doesn’t believe life is worth living after age 75.

Biden adviser Michael Osterholm said Wednesday that locking down America for four to six weeks is needed while we wait for a vaccine to begin rolling out. He’s an epidemiologist by trade but seems to consider himself an economic expert, too.

I pointed this out about Osterholm yesterday:  The Economic Ignorance of a Top Joe Biden COVID-19 Adviser.

The Post goes on:

Biden adviser Ezekiel Emanuel would go further. He argued months ago that the nation needs to be locked down for at least a year and a half, until a vaccine is widely available. Yet his predictions have been way off: He said in March there would likely be 100 million Americans infected with COVID by late April. In mid-November, the nation’s seen a total of 10.5 million cases.

That’s not how he earned the nickname Dr. Death. In his Atlantic piece “Why I Hope to Die at 75,” Emanuel wrote that “death is a loss” but insisted that “living too long is also a loss” because old people aren’t as “vibrant.” Hmm: Biden is 77 . . .

Pray that these guys don’t represent all the “science” that Biden listens to.

I had a back and forth with Emanuel in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club in January 2017. It got me banned from future media availabilities at the Club after the questioning. Challenging a statist is apparently not allowed.

You should have heard the sad questions that were asked by other members of the media. They were all of the form "My sister has a preexisting condition X, will that be covered under your proposal?"

The idea that socialist healthcare should be questioned did not even occur to these people.

I can't imagine any of them objecting to lifetime summer lockdowns with closed windows to protect against mosquito bites if  Emanuel says it is the way to go. 

Emmanuel, although he looks much older in person, is only 63.



  1. Enjoyed watching your exchange. Incredible to hear his flimsy excuse for central planning of healthcare. Just the other day I had a somewhat similar exchange with my neighbor (former CEO of a refinery construction company) who asserted that housing & healthcare were fundamental human rights, citing some pronouncement by the UN. I asked if he thought that personal vehicles and electronics were also human rights given how important they are to everyday life, to which he just laughed and dismissed the idea as silly. Like I've seen you write many times, the pervasiveness of shallow-thinking is astonishing. A world full of parrots in echo chambers.

  2. Well its pretty obvious Biden got his first marching orders to complete the wealth concentrating reset.

    Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss. Those votes everyone wield like they have great power have negative ROI

  3. So, healthcare is not like other goods and services subject to the Market, because it's really, really expensive. And it's really, really expensive because of a third-party payer like insurance. So substituting government for insurance carriers as the third-party payer will magically do what---make it cheaper? Nope---it will make it even more expensive, but will spread the cost to everyone, which is textbook socialism. Nothing is solved, other than to make the cost less noticeable.
    On deck (and using the same rationale): Free college for everyone! After all, the cost is currently so exorbitant thanks to the easy-money, third-party-payer student-loan scam, and the socialists will argue that government needs to step-in completely and pay for it fully and directly. Yeah, that'll make it cheaper, sure...