Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Immigrant Haters Should Look in Their Own Homes, Not at Immigrants

 It was the Latino vote that helped put President Trump over the top in Florida.

Trump focused on the Latino vote in Florida, and according to figures coming out of the state, it paid off on Election Day, reports NBC.

Trump had a respectable showing with Hispanics across the country. Even the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understood this.

AOC slammed Democrats for not putting in enough of an effort to win over Latino voters.

 “I won’t comment much on tonight’s results as they are evolving and ongoing, but I will say we’ve been sounding the alarm about Dem vulnerabilities w/ Latinos for a long, long time,” she tweeted.

Some pundits are declaring that the Republican Party will have to become a multi-racial workers party going forward.

The simple fact is that while Latinos will vote for handouts, they are not in favor of the social justice nonsense coming out of the Democratic Party. There is opportunity here for Republicans.

So if Trump gained Latinos, where did he show losses?

With suburban housewives. Yes, the wives of the immigrant haters spewing anti-immigrant rants from the computers in their suburban home basements.

Maybe if the immigrant-haters are serious about living in a decent country, they should stop the anti-immigrant hate and work on the real tall problem, their social justice thinking wives. And then they should report back to us after they have that problem under control.



  1. I'm pushing the idea of secession in my circles. The serfs will continue acting like serfs and American intellectuals will continue gravitating towards European-style socialism & European appreciation for freedom. The massive stockpiles of private arms in this country may discourage future efforts of the government at rehabilitating certain segments of the population in camps but what can be said of the government's successful imprisonment of millions in the war on drugs and the millions of zombified kids in government schools? There's plenty of room for more wealth destruction in the USA and therefore plenty of time to whittle down the quintessential average Joe & Jane.

  2. This is simply further proof most women are too stupid vote or have a political opinion. Bad enough with the leftist metro-sexual males.

    As for Latinos, this is probably a one time fluke. We don't really need more immigration.

    RW once again shows his libertardian stupidity. Turd world peoples are incapable of understanding anything like limited government or personal freedom.

    1. Look at Somalia. They don't have a strong, authoritarian government like the USA and they're free, prosperous and have a high standard of living. Checkmate, nazi.

    2. Right. Do you have any evidence of this?

    3. According to lolbertarians, without the state all humans become successful entrepreneurs and will eventually evolve into pure energy. Genetics only determine simple things like height and ear lobe attachment.

  3. I think your wrongly comparing different Latinos groups.

    Florida Latinos have a significant number of Cubans. Plus over the last decade Florida has seen an influx in Venezuelans. What they have in common is that they have fled outright Socialist regimes.

    Latinos in other states, especially the Southwest, are mainly from Mexico and other Central American countries. Those countries, while leaning socialist, are seen as corrupt authoritarian regimes.

    This has caused a stark psychological difference between the two groups. Cubans and Venezuelans are now deeply anti-socialist. While Central Americans are not. Central Americans just see their old governments as corrupt and so blame the corruption, not the policies.

    The Floridian Latino makeup is a bit of an anomaly, however. Most Latino populations in other US states tend to be Central American. So I think your using a poor example.

    However, I think you would be well served to point out the surprising Trump support among Latinos in South Texas. Zapata County is 95% Hispanic and Trump got 52.5%. It would be interesting to know why this happened. This is along the border where the the wall is being built, so you would expect them to be anti-Trump.

    1. So it is only Cubans and Venezuelans but Trump got 52.5% of a 95% Hispanic Texas County which few Cubans and Venezuelans, so my grouping is off?

      Interesting logic

    2. Wow! The border towns of Texas usually all vote Dumbacratic.

      I look forward to seeing the county map of the US regardless of who wins the presidency.

    3. Let me try to clarify, Robert.

      I've seen very few anti-immigration proponents be anti-Cuban. Cubans have not been straight-ticket Democrats like other Latinos. For instance, both the current and previous Miami Mayor are Cuban Republicans.

      The Latino group usually referenced for stricter immigration control is Central American. So if you want to make a positive pro-immigration argument it is best to find one that involves Central American Latinos. That is why I pointed out south Texas as a truly unexpected Latino vote. This is extremely promising and it better aligns with your point. It shows that Central American Latinos, who many in the anti-immigration crowd distrusts, can break from Democrats and be allied with.

  4. Good post. I align with Rothbard in that I believe libertarians do need to align with others, including cultural conservatives that like some level of handouts, to create a liberty-minded populist movement. Trump, even if he loses, has demonstrated the theory well.

    I have been saying for years that the Texas Rio Grande Valley is fertile ground for conservatives, a place near and dear to my heart. The reason Texas was won is because of Biden's poor performance in the Rio Grande Valley, for which a super-majority of the residents are Mexican-origin. He received 40% of Hidalgo County, the most prosperous and populous part of the RGV (McAllen, Edinburg, etc.), where I believe Republicans might typically receive 28%.

    Democrats' biggest gambit has been to import Mexicans and Latinos. As one among them, I have always thought (and prayed) that this gambit might backfire. They don't care for LGBTQ, they don't care for intersectionality hierarchies (BIPOC, putting Blacks above all), and they are largely working folks whose jobs and livelihoods are far less amenable to being conducted "remotely".

    It won't be perfect, but as advised by Rothbard, as long as there is clarity as to the ultimate goals and principles, a populist alliance among libertarians, conservative hispanics and even blue-dog democrats may be the best bet for Americans to resist further encroachments by the establishment and universities.

    1. You are SO RIGHT (no pun intended). The ex asked me how California Mexicans could POSSIBLY vote for Trump (a tight borders policy guy). I said: "Hey, I'm in. Shut the door!".

  5. Why, on this site, are we seeing the same conflation being done in the mainstream media? Illegal immigration is not the same as legal immigration. I would love to get to a point in this country were we could have a legitimate debate about Rothbardian Anarchy vs a limited constitutional government, but we're not even close and we're rapidly moving away from both. If you are going to have a country with any sense of law and order those laws need to be respected. Being in the country legally vs illegally is very black and white and there is nothing racist about being for legal immigration and against illegal immigration.

    1. No, it is about being a statist or not being a statist.

    2. "If you are going to have a country with any sense of law and order those laws need to be respected."

      -- Well, before you get to the matter of respecting laws, the laws themselves need to be respectable. Otherwise, you just have a country of slaves to whatever the legislature passes.

  6. Hey, more immigrant libertardians:

  7. Yes, there is a minority in every group of humans that values individual liberty.

    libertarians are what? 6% or so of any population. Even if you include liberty minded "conservatives" who don't have too many control freakish ideas you have what? 20%?

    Now with open boarders, a welfare state, and the ability to vote one's self resources what is the path to (more) liberty?

    Is it just the hope that only the liberty minded 20% show up? But the easier it gets the more of the 80% that wants free stuff and to control over their neighbors shows up. A ready made welfare state with mechanisms to take the neighbors' productivity is going to make it pretty easy.

    Simply put the desire for individual liberty in human beings is just too small in proportion to survive any open migration unless the conditions are harsh or difficult enough that others don't want to be there.