Saturday, November 14, 2020

I Asked Some Doctors About Kabuki-19

 By Victor Ward

I have some questions about SARS-Cov-2, or what Ihave started calling; Kabuki-19. I asked these questions to doctors that I know. I got some answers, but most of the answers were gibberish. By gibberish, Imean that they comported with neither common sense nor logic.

That is all that I ask: Align your answers with logic and reason.

I freely admit that I do not understand the underlying science. I am not a scientist. I will never be a scientist. I think that I have previously mentioned on this site that I got expelled from my first high school because I was caught cheating on an Advanced Biology test. So, medicine will never be my thing.

But, I can read and I can think, and all that I ask is that people present an argument to me that is logical and reasonable.

Here are the questions and scenarios that I presented to my doctor friends:

After President Trump had the virus, he said that he was now immune. The CDC said that he could not make that claim.

My doctor friends supported the CDC’s rebuke of Trump’s claim. But, if Trump is not immune, then why are companies spending billions of dollars in order to develop a vaccine? Isn’t the vaccine based on a synthetic replica of the real virus? And isn’t that synthetic replica supposed to trigger an immune response in the body?

If the real virus cannot trigger an immune response, how in the world can a synthetic virus trigger an immune response? Or, better stated: How can the synthetic virus trigger the correct immune response?

When I mentioned this to my doctor friends, they just said, “Well, yeah, that’s true.”

The next thing involves masks. Here are the sentences that are typically used when describing masks:

1. Masks filter the virus.

2. Masks trap the virus.

3. Masks capture the virus.

4. Masks block the virus.

5. Masks prevent direct flow of the virus.

6. Masks slow the spread of the virus.

Ok. Let’s say that I agree with all of those things. I notice that the claim: “Masks kill the virus” is absent. No one has ever said this. I don’t *think* that anyone will ever say this, but, then again, there are people who actually think that Joe Biden did not cheat. As one person said, “You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of people.”

Let’s say that I have developed Super Mask. My mask is not only faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; and able to leap tall buildings at a single bound; but it also filters, traps, captures, and blocks Kabuki-19.

But, since Kabuki-19 is, allegedly, airborne, then what happens after my mask has blocked the virus or trapped the virus? If the virus has been blocked, won’t the virus just go around the mask? I mean, what happens to the virus? It has to go somewhere. Presumably, it will go the same place that my breath goes, which is through or around the mask.

If the mask “captures” the virus, then won’t my next breath free the virus, or does my mask act like some kind of spider web? Is my mask somehow sentient, knowing when it has captured an airborne Kabuki-19 particle as opposed to some other kind of airborne particle?

When I asked a doctor about this, the doctor told me: “Well, Victor, this is accurate for most masks, but not N95 masks. Those masks are great.”

I responded to the doctor: “Ok, but, even with an N95 mask, what happens to the virus? The virus has to go somewhere, right? It doesn’t just stay in the mask, because the mask allows me to breathe. The mask does not suffocate me, so what happens to the virus? It has to get out, right?”

The doctor told me, “Well, yeah.”

I aslo asked the doctor why, if masks were so effective, that the test for Kabuki-19 required them jamming a medical-sized Q-Tip up my nose instead of just taking the mask and testing the mask.

The doctor told me that they had to get a sample of my cells.

Now, I did not think about it at the time because I am a dullard when it comes to science (see above). But, doesn’t my saliva contain my cells? How about my hair? (Ok, I’m bald, but you get my point.) I will submit that a blood test is the most thorough way to test for the virus, but I don’t understand why mucous higher in the nasal cavity has a greater cell content than my saliva.

And, what about a loogie? You know, when you suck mucous through your nose into your mouth. Does that contain enough cellular content to prevent a TSA-like invasion of my nasal cavity?

I asked a doctor how the virus knew to take a break as soon as I sat down to eat a meal. The doctor laughed, because this whole thing is a joke.

The next time that I speak with a Team Apocalypse Doctor, I am going to present the following scenario:

1. There is an island with 1000 people.

2. Kabuki-19 is present. The only difference is that on this island, the virus has a 50% fatality rate.

3. If people stay in their homes, they will be 100% protected from the virus.

4. The virus dies in only one of three ways: A. The virus enters a person and the person’s immune system kills the virus; B. The virus enters a person and kills the person; thus, the virus dies when the person dies; C. Handwashing.

For the month of March, people shelter-in-place. No person dies, but the virus doesn’t die either because 4A, B, or C has not happened.

In April, 200 people venture outside their home. They all get the virus. 100 people die, and 100 people kill the virus.

Aren’t people the key to killing the virus? Either people sacrifice their own life or people develop an immune system to kill the virus or people wash their hands to kill the virus.

The 800 people staying in their home have done nothing to kill the virus. That’s fine. No one is asking them to do anything.

Then, in May, another 200 people leave their homes. 100 people get the virus, and these 100 people infect the other 100 people. Again, 100 people die, and 100 people develop antibodies.

Can the 600 people who are still alive and in their homes complain about anything? Can they say, “Hey, you might give me the virus!” No, they cannot say that. If they are worried about the virus, they should stay in their house.

Can the 600 people still cowering in fear complain that 200 people are still walking around? No, the 200 people have developed an immune response and therefore cannot continue to spread the airborne virus.

Let’s say that out of those 200 people, there are some who have not yet encountered the virus. Does that negatively impact the 600 still in their homes? No, of course not. The people walking around are the only soldiers in the battle against the virus. If those walking around do not fight the virus, the 600 people will never escape for the virus will always be present.

For the 200 people with the effective antibody and T-cell response, what happens when they encounter the virus once again? Does this super smart virus know about the body’s immune response, and does the virus run in fear? No, I don’t think so. It would makes sense to believe that the person with immunity continues to kill the virus.

Could these people with immunity encounter such a massive viral load that it overwhelms their previously strong immune system? I suppose so, but then that person will either develop a more robust immune response, or that person will die, and, in so doing, kill the virus.

The point, however, remains: There are only three ways to rid the earth of any virus, and each way requires people interacting with the virus. Lockdowns don’t do anything. Masks don’t do anything. The only way to get our life back to normal is to have people live a normal life. And, instead of criticizing people who don’t want to wear a mask or enter a lockdown period, we should celebrate these people as truly being on the front lines of the battle. Maybe we should give them the Medal of Freedom or Honor or Kabuki.

This is so basic, even my six year old son understands it. In August, he had his first day of First Grade over Zoom. It did not go well.

My wife and I had been talking about home schooling him, but we had not reached a decision. We agreed to keep him in the public school until we made a decision. We needed to go to the school on that first day and after the Zoom call in order to get materials from the teacher.

When we arrived at the school, there were a few parents who were retrieving materials just like we were. The Principal was there, directing traffic.

Everyone, including yours truly, was masked; everyone, that is, except for our son. He said, “I am not wearing a mask.”

We walked to the classroom door and talked to the teacher. While we were there, my son saw one of his best friends, and they started running around. Of course, the friend was masked; the friend’s mom was masked; but our son remained unmasked and undaunted.

No one told our son that he needed to wear a mask. It’s hard to deprive a six year old of fulfilling his present purpose in life, which is to play.

As we were about to leave, our son walked up to the Principal and had the following exchange:

Son: Principal, these masks don’t work.

Principal: Well, they work a little bit.

Son: No, they don’t, because the virus is going to go through the mask and get all over you anyway.

Principal: Well, we have to wear them.

Son: And the masks make it hard to breathe.

Principal: You are right, it is harder to breathe. But, those are the rules, and we have to follow them.

Son: Nope, not gonna do it.

I was one proud dad.

We are homeschooling our son. Thank you, Kabuki-19.

Victor J. Ward  first came across libertarianism by reading Murray Rothbard's Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy and Walter Block's Defending the Undefendable. He holds a law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and an MBA from Santa Clara University.


  1. If the mask is an effective barrier, then only one person in a two-person interaction needs to wear a mask. So those who fear the bug should wear one, and those don't shouldn't have to. If the mask is not an effective barrier, then why should anyone wear one?

    1. Because you are infected until "proven" healthy, little grasshopper.
      Now shut up and suffocate for the greater common good (Bill Gates and Dr. F's vaccine stock prices).

  2. Someday people will look back at this period in history and laugh and shake their heads at the sheer stupidity and ignorance of society. Just like we look back at people hundreds of years ago who used leeches and blood-letting and mercury as medical treatments.

    1. Agreed, but it might be a long time before that happens. A loooonnng time.

  3. That the new (ab)normal has and will only prolong the inevitable and causes more death and destruction than C-19 are the facts that the ignorant need to learn. All other arguments such as LD’s and masks don’t work are secondary.