Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Have We Reached The East Berlin Emotional Depressed State in America?

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institue, started a new post at LRC this way:

An unexpected emergency forced me into air travel recently and the experience has been extraordinarily jarring. I expected the masses to be slinking along with their faces covered, but what I saw was far worse. The spirit has been sucked out of people. Everyone with head down. There is no joy. No laughter. No hugs goodbye. No children squealing at the arrival of family and friends.

Just a feeling that some kind of sedative had been sprayed through the air ventilation system. This is not the California I was born and raised in. There is no California spirit, optimism left.

This resonated all too strongly with me.

I visited East Berlin a year before the Berlin Wall came down. The people Daniel describes reminded me of the East Berliners back then.

I wrote this 8 years ago:

Things have changed so dramatically in the last 6 to 12 months [in the United States] that I now believe you are being irresponsible, no matter who you are, if you do not have a bag packed and are ready to move at a moment's notice.

It is not as though there is some new country, or land where the breeze blows lightly 365 days a year, and where there is no government intrusion into your life, but things could get so bad in the United States that many places may start to look like happy alternatives.

The United States is a very rich country with only minor government harassment at this time. For the most part, we all have smartphones, internet connections, wear fashionable clothes and eat decent food. I now believe this situation could change at any time... 

I know what [the change] looks like. It is a dull, drab emotionally dead life. It is the soul in jail. I visited East Berlin a year before the wall came down. That's what East Berlin looked like. That's what America will look like if the enforcers circling us actually get real work to do.

You will not want to live in America if the enforcers get that kind of work.

I wrote this 10 years ago:

 I was in East Berlin the year before the Wall came down. I saw what constant monitoring and micro-management did to people. It is not pretty. The gray, the drab, the despair was everywhere. When you can only take orders and wait for approvals and are constantly watched, it saps the life out of you. America is going to be changing and the government is going to try and watch you and monitor your vitals, as if you were a lab rat, as it does the changing.

It is not going to be pretty.

What I warned about some 10 years ago has begun. The wall against freedom is going up in America. We have not yet come close to the despair and the sapping of life that has existed in East Berlin but it is beginning.



  1. That was a fantastic article and a great observation RW. Will there be a turn around to freedom or is the Dark Winter a reality we have to accept as we are led to the Great Reset?

  2. I felt the same thing when I went to Sam’s Club about a month ago. I was the only one not wearing a mask. Most people had their heads down. I looked at everyone in the eyes. Anybody who looked back immediately turned away. Most were in a trance.

  3. In 1961, before the wall, as a thirteen year old child I visited East Berlin; and the people even then looked like life was a burden. Just think that then it was another 28 years that they had to live with such despair.

  4. ...and then you get the release of popular revolt. And in US quite a few people will take that as an invitation to start shooting. Can't say I'd blame them.

  5. They have pushed against the wall already yet most dont realize it. Mass non-compliance at a minimum is where the next stand needs to taken.

  6. Considering that the East Germans and the rest of the Soviet Block did not have anything like the technology we have today and its rapid advancement the surveillance will be much worse and the population control could be very ugly.