Thursday, November 19, 2020

Give Me A Break

Murray Sabrin has forwarded to me a part of an email exchange he is having with the head of a major New Jersey non-profit.

She writes to Murray:


Where are the responsible people like you who can stand up to the travesties being committed on the grab for continued power.


Trump lost the election. The American people should be treated to leadership:


There should be a peaceful transition of power.

There should be no tampering with electors for electoral college.

Lame duck dangerous actions

Creating turmoil so that a new administration is hobbled

People like Lindsay Graham pressure for voter fraud in a state he is not a resident or an elected official


Where are your people? Why are they not speaking out?

Give me a break.

She writes as though Democrats and the rest of the anti-Trump crowd didn't attack Trump from the day he stepped into the White House.

Remember Russigate?

Remember Ukrainegate?

Remember the mainstream media non-stop attacks on Trump?

Remember the biased anti-Trump censorship by Lefty Valley social media?

Is she aware that the radical left-wing of the Democratic party lives by the motto: "By any means necessary," which includes lying, stealing and cheating?

What is Trump doing now that is illegal?

She charges the Trump administration for creating turmoil! Don't make me laugh, the Democrats have been doing it for the entire Trump presidency.

And as far as speaking out, don't blame me. I don't vote. I am not a big supporter of mob rule. I just want to be left alone. So the more that Trump hobbles things for the charming and decieving power freak Biden, the better.

Nothing for me to say to the current president other than: Finally Mr. President, Keep up the good work!