Monday, November 16, 2020

Dominion Engineer Told Antifa He'd 'Made Sure' Trump Wouldn't Win, Report Says

Eric Coomer

By Neon Nettle 

Dominion’s top engineer told Antifa he’d ‘made f**king sure’ Trump wouldn’t win

Dominion’s top engineer assured Antifa activists that he had “made f**king sure” that President Donald Trump wouldn’t win the presidential race, according to reports.

Dominion Voting Systems’ Vice President of U.S. Engineering Eric Coomer allegedly spoke with Antifa members on conference calls and reportedly assured the other participants by saying:

“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!

Dominion Voting Systems is one of the largest voting technology companies in the United States.

It provides voting machines and tabulators to many local governments.

More than 30 states use these voting machines to scan ballots in US elections and tabulate votes.

Eric Coomer’s profile as director at Dominion Voting Systems was recently scrubbed from their website

Coomer joined Dominion as VP of engineering in 2010, according to the GWP.

His bio says he graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics.

Eric Coomer was later promoted to Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security although Coomer has since been removed from the Dominion page of directors.

In a stunning interview conducted by Michelle Malkin, FEC (Faith Education Commerce) United founder Joe Oltman reveals how he infiltrated Antifa.

While working undercover, Oltman says that he was involved in a conversation with Antifa members when he discovered “Eric from Dominion” was allegedly part of the chat during the week of September 27, 2020.

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UPDATE:BREAKING: THe Election Fraud Case May Be About To Explode Wide Open

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