Monday, November 23, 2020

Bernie Sanders Delegate Reacts to Biden Cabinet Picks

This is excellent:
Congrats for choosing #AvrilHaines for Dir. of Nat Intell—We can count on Haines to draw up weekly drone kill lists, redact reports on torture & subvert the will of the Senate to investigate US torture. Bravo! P.S. Did she really work for a co that partnered w/#ICE?

Cheers for male/female diversity at the white man’s house, where Biden’s cabinet includes Iraq War bullies—#Blinken, #Burns & a fem torture cover upper & drone kill lister—#Haines. Heck, even Kerry voted to give war crim (turned-water colorist) #Bush power to invade Iraq. Geesh!

And this retweet from Winograd:

Replying to and
We need to move beyond the terms of center, left and right. By all objective means, Biden is a hard right neocon. Lest we forget, he scolded Abrams for the Reagan illegal Contra action going too soft on the Sandinistas. That's public record. Biden's pro-coup, pro-colonialization.


  1. Good thing libertarians voted on principle. Thanks guys!

    1. As if Dominion cares for the paltry libertarian votes.

    2. More immigration for cheaper labor>America.

      When your unemployed you'll be thankful for those cheap goods and services, goy.