Friday, October 30, 2020

What the Hell is Going On?: Hunter Biden Documents Suddenly Reappear

The lost Hunter Biden documents saga continues, Tucker Carlson reported on his show Thursday night.


A few points, I received emails and phone calls from people asking me: How stupid was Fox news to send original documents overnight without making a copy?

Similar comments were made at my original post on the story, WOW Damning Hunter Biden Documents Suddenly Vanish. But in that post, I included the original Tucker Carlson video report on the lost documents, and at no point did Carlson say that what was sent overnight was the only copy.

When you are dealing with curious situations you really need to pay attention to what the facts really are as stated and not assume, as Perry Mason would say, "facts not in evidence." In Thursday's broadcast, Carlson revealed that a backup copy was made.

So now let's move on to the curious thing that happened with this package. It really does appear as if it was targeted.

The first question that has to be asked is: If this was a deliberate act, who would have known about the package? I can think of two possibilities. There is a mole at Fox news or someone's phone is tapped, most likely Carlson's if indeed it is a tapped phone situation.

But I am even more fascinated as to how quickly someone would have to act to grab the package once it is in the UPS delivery process. 

I am familiar with how private investigators work and generally they plot out for days, if not more, for stings and other operations. To grab a package as quickly as this had to be grabbed, you really need a very sophisticated operation already in place.

Which is to say, if this was a deliberate grab, there are not many operators that can put together a scheme get a package that quickly. We are talking serious players.

Since the package and the drive were left at the UPS facility, it suggests that whoever grabbed it didn't want to be seen walking out with it and probably just wanted to download the contents to know what Carlson had.

There may be another explanation but it sure looks suspicious.



  1. Who would send such important documents with UPS? You think that if they were so important they would hand deliver them????

  2. Are Boomers running Tucker's program? Who doesn't know how to use email?

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the big operators had operatives in every communications outlet, be it the media, your computer e-mail, or physical document delivery. I mean, they went to all the trouble to put that machine code in the little spaces in between disk partitions, why wouldn't they put one or two compromised operators in key places at FedEx/UPS?

  4. People who aren't in the habit of solving problems by sneaking, lying and cheating radically under estimate how meticulous and thorough sneakers, liars and cheaters can be.

  5. I heard Jesse Ventura in an interview ( Donahue ? ) say the CIA was in every state capital.