Saturday, October 24, 2020

VIDEO Coppers Harras New York City Orthodox Jews in a Private House

 This is what the lockdown has come to. 

Authoritarianism against individuals minding their own business in their own homes.

Against Jews no less. I seem to remember this happened to Jews one other time in history if I recall correctly.

They should have told the coppers it was a gathering that was protesting police brutality against black thugs.




  1. Now I'm confused. I thought it was now illegal to criticize Jews for any reason, due to the muh Holocaust. Will those cops be brought up on anti-Semitism charges? Or will public health - even totally misguided, bone headed public health - run roughshod over the beloved Victim Hierarchy? Not sure where orthodox Jews fit on the Victim hierarchy. But it well below Muslims and Blacks, but quite above homosexual men. But since most homosexuals are Jews, the combination might even close in on the Victim hierarchy of Muslims and Blacks. We need some serious handicapping here.

  2. Michael Savage claimed that most Orthodox Jews support Trump, so that is why governor meatball and commie mayor are harassing them.

  3. Ol de Blasio and Cuomo are figuring out first hand just what a problem Jews can be!
    I bet they have new respect for what Pilate and Adolf had to go through!
    Those darn Jews!