Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Trump Adviser Scott Atlas Warns On How the COVID-19 Policies Are Destroying Children

Scott Atlas

Finally, some warnings from a Trump COVID-19 adviser about the dangers to children of lockdowns and the absurdity of testing youth for asymptomatic cases.

Dr. Scott Atlas, a Hoover Institute fellow who is now advising the White House about COVID-19 policy, has tweeted out:

Children are being literally destroyed. But, hey, better keep testing them, finding asymptomatics, confining low risk young people, test the college sewage system, limit in-person classes - *must* find those cases! And btw, nah, that's not lockdown.

Atlas then linked to a Guardian story which in part says

Children and young people are at risk of becoming a “lost generation” because of the UK government’s pandemic policies, members of Sage have warned.

Those aged seven to 24, sometimes called generation Z, have largely avoided the direct health impact of the coronavirus. But, say the government’s scientific advisers, they risk being “catastrophically” hit by the “collateral damage” wrought by the crisis.

The Guardian understands that some advisers on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which feeds directly into UK government decision-making, warned ministers “several” times about the risks to people in this age group but believe they were “brushed aside”...

The warnings have been echoed by a host of eminent child specialists. They include: Cathy Creswell, professor of developmental clinical psychology at Oxford and lead of the Co-Space study into how families are coping during the pandemic; Dr Dasha Nicholls, who is part of the You-Cope study into young people’s health and wellbeing during the pandemic, research that is being led by University College London and Great Ormond Street hospital; and Craig Morgan, professor of social epidemiology and the head of the health service and population research department at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

“We have failed to listen and respond to these children and their families,” said Creswell. “We risk having a whole generation unheard, forgotten and devalued.”

Nicholls said: “This generation is entering uncharted territory, where their opportunities have been devastated. People talk of the resilience of the young but this crisis has happened so quickly that young people have had no time to change and adapt. The impact on them could become entrenched, with potentially enduring consequences.”


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  1. The ancient Israelites passed their children through the fire to appease idols; modern enlightened man sacrifices his child for "science".