Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Super Elitist Treatment of Donald Trump

 As we all know, President Trump became infected with COVID-19 and has been taken to Walter Reed Medical Center

At the center, he was given a dose of Regeneron's new antibody cocktail REGN-COV2 and also Remdesivir, an intravenous antiviral medication.

Here is the thing,  REGN-COV2 is still in FDA trials. If you came down with COVID-19 and your doctor wanted to give you a dose, he would not be able to order a dose for you. If you had the same symptoms as the president. It can only be used by patients with"serious or life-threatening conditions."

In other words, you need to be pretty much on your death bed for it to be cleared for use by you.

Remdesivir is also an experimental medicine.  It is not approved anywhere globally for any use.

Got that?

The president is being given two drugs that the average American has no chance of getting access to.

No doubt, the doctors treating the president understood that in trials to date there were some promising results from these medications with no serious side-effects. Thus it made sense to administer them to Trump.

But the question then becomes: If it makes sense for the president, why not allow it for others who are in a vulnerable but not serius category, like the president, and who are infected by COVID-19?

The truth of the matter is that bureaucratic statist rules do not apply to the president.

He is a super elitist in a manner very similar to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein. The rules that apply to the rest of us, do not apply to them.

Now, in Trump's case, he may not have been consulted about getting the drugs cleared that were used on him. The doctors treating him may have gotten the clearance to use the drugs---but only because it was for the president.

In the end,  it was his political position of power that allowed him to be treated in ways not allowed by the FDA for the masses.

Central power benefits those in power. The only way to stop this is to shut down the centers of power so choice is returned to individuals and open choices are not just allowed for the elitists in power.



  1. Isn't Trump worth something like $10 billion? Something tells me he could probably get whatever drug cocktail he wanted.

  2. Milton Friedman wrote about this problem back in 1973.

  3. If there is anyone who reads Target Liberty and hasn’t figured it out yet, the State, is the enemy of mankind. Much much much more than any natural virus, the State is an unnatural virus that will use its host (us) to stay to live, and live quite well actually, but will by any and all means keep itself alive, no matter how many of its host must die in the process.
    Our Enemy, the State.

    1. Bet the people of Mexico wish they could deal with the state instead of the cartels.

    2. But for the “State”, the cartels would not exist.

    3. Cartels are sustained by State prohibition on manufacture and sake of certain chemicals. They became crminal and violent specifically because non-crmininal productive people were driven out of the market by the State thus creating an attactive profit opportunity to those who don't care about the laws.

      As for violence... have you ever heard of wars?

  4. I don't see this special treatment as necessarily a good thing. What do we know about how REGN-COV2 (not approved, still in trials) interacts with Remdesivir? Why use an experimental drug combination on someone not seriously ill?

    What is interesting to me is the rest of Trump's treatment protocol, which includes Vit D, zinc and melatonin; all inexpensive supplements available to everyone. Why haven't they been shouting from the rooftops about these safe and effective ways to strengthen the immune system?

    Oh yeah, maybe because it has never been about our health.

  5. Let us not count Trump out yet. He may have some natural genetics helping him out here. I would wager he has more vitality and energy than most half his age or even 10 to 20 years younger. How many of us have seen people out there smoking cigarettes well into their 80's and still kicking pretty well?

    1. Good point, I think the Big Cheeto will be just fine.
      I didn’t know him but my great grandpa drank like a fish and smoked several packs of cigarettes a day and died in his 90’s. The seemingly people who are perfectly healthy get cancer and die in months. As far as Trump, he will probably be back, I read as soon as tomorrow, and probably be raring to go with extra strength, great strength, after getting a #1 from McDonalds while he’s at it.

  6. "The cult of the omnipotent state has millions of followers in the united States. Americans of today view their government in the same way as Christians view their God; they worship and adore the state and they render their lives and fortunes to it. Statists believe that their lives -- their very being -- are a privilege that the state has given to them. They believe that everything they do is -- and should be -- dependent on the consent of the government." ~ Jacob Hornberger

    1. I agree with Jacob's view, but I've always thought that Christians are more honest. At least they expect supernatural things from a supernatural entity, whereas statists expect supernatural things from fallible human beings.

    2. Unfortunately, most Americans Christians at least, are also statist, and have a hard time deciding which god to follow, and most I know think worshipping one is worshipping the other.
      "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” Matthew 6:24