Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Karens On Attack in Colorado

The following was sent to me by a Target Liberty reader. For obvious reasons, I am not posting his name or initials:

Hi Robert,

I live in CO and in Denver until August.  I moved to the suburbs because of the lockdowns and riots. 

We use Facebook extensively to plan group activities like snowboarding, camping, hiking, etc. basically all the activities that draws people to CO.  We've got a group with 20,000 members and it's a great way to meet people with similar interests quickly. 

A split off from this group was created for politics.  Both groups have strict no doxxing rules, but with 20,000 people it can't really be enforced.

A group of 20 of us had a debate watch party last Thursday.  To recruit members to the political group someone posted a picture of us in the activities group.  The busy bodies came out immediately and began to threaten to dox us and call our employers.  We kicked them out...  but not before someone sent our picture to the Mayor of Denver to rat out their neighbors in for violating a dictat about masks and gatherings. 

The Mayor wasn't very pleased and tweeted our pic and used it as an opportunity to scare the general public more.

We have quite a few defenders and people ridiculing the Mayor on the thread.  He's also done the same on Instagram and Facebook.  If these threads are representative... then a lot of the gen population is sickof this crap....   but just as many still live in fear daily. 

There's definitely positive signs in the comments...   but we definitely have a battle to fight.  Many people would have been great for the Stasi in East Germany as they call for people to publicly name us and rat us out for hanging out at a friends house without masks.

 RW response:

This is what happens when you get dread risk fear stirred up by government, in this case of COVID-19. It frees up all the busybodies to go on attack. As H.L.Mnencken put it, "Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."

And it provides lower-level establishment tools, such as Hancock, the opportunity to look as though they are significant.

Of course, the only job the mayor ever had outside of government or government-related agencies was as the Denver Broncos's mascot "Huddles." So, except when wearing the huddles mask, he has been a mini-Mao at some level his entire adult life. I would be all for him going back to his Broncos' masked job and leave Denver citizens alone since he is obviously just babbling what he hears from other mini-Mao governors and mayors. Or I should say, he is a well-behaved servant taking orders from the men behind the curtain. Consider, he was named a 2014 Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow. Aspen programs are funded by among others Bill Gates and George Soros foundations.



  1. Wow. Someone used a far left social media platform to recruit non left wingers and got doxxed. Truly shocking. I'm guessing this was a Boomer.

  2. I just finished a 4-day trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I didn't think any state would be more Covid-looney than Michigan, but Colorado certainly is. I normally hate flying anyway, but the whole experience was agony, and if I didn't have a funeral to attend, I would've declined the trip entirely. ... People obsessively wearing masks, even outside; Strangers admonishing you to stop allowing your nose to peek outside of your mask; sanitizer stations everywhere; Non-stop broadcasting in the airport over the public address system, on proper hand-washing technique and how to sneeze into a tissue and discard it (as if we're 4 yrs-old). People masking-up at the funeral home even while viewing the body, with no one within 20 feet except a dead body (as if they might spread Covid-19 to a body)... and even masking-up at the outdoor ceremony (including the military honor guard performing the 3-gun salute from a distance of 75 feet away).
    Total lunacy.