Sunday, October 18, 2020

Steve Bannon: Joe Biden is Going to Be Caught in an Avalanche of Evidence of Corruption

 Wow, this is incredible. Listen to the video clip:

I love it when politicians get destroyed.



  1. Sure hope this comes to fruition. There needs to be a second team working on Harris, compile a fantastic video of her work that is opposite the ‘popular’ stance so many are taking this year. All the cop haters, those who oppose cages for non-violent drug related criminals etc. Remind them why Harris has to drop out in the beginning. Do they really want her? Time to see the seeds of doubt and lots of undeniable questions. For the record, not a Trump fan. He is an embarrassment. My vote is to the one who will keep the first and second in tact longer. (Would prefer Jo, despite her failings, know the subsequent discussion that plays out every time on this).

  2. “ I love it when politicians get destroyed”.
    No sir it does not get much better than this! Hopefully there is a ton of spillover into other politicians, Down with the State!!

  3. It's great timing, as I've already seen liberals like Bill Maher attempting to cover for the Hunter Biden emails, which is great. Cognitive dissonance doesn't work well in comedy.

  4. This information has been available for four years and yet only now are the Repubs ready to present it convincingly? The timing is suspicious to say the least. Why the constant tease without anything more substantial than threats by people like Bannon? Or a laptop dropped off at a computer repair shop full of incriminating emails. Really?! Hunter may not be the sharpest pencil in the pack but he can't be that stupid.

  5. If Harris was smart, she'd withdraw from the ticket because the Biden's are going down over this. It's too damning to apply lipstick and mascara with a winning smile.... and blame Putin.